Super Cute Korean Sheet Masks That Do Not Make You Look Like An Animal

Super Cute Korean Sheet Masks That Do Not Make You Look Like An Animal

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By GirlStyle on 28 Dec 2018

Sheet masks are a cheap and easy way to achieve great skin, which explains why it is so popular among South Korean women! The ladies of South Korea are so passionate about skincare, that is why there has been an increasing trend of women following up on their skincare regime even when they are on board a plane!

But when the lights are dim, a white sheet mask may scare off some of the passengers on board but fret not as some brands in South Korea have launched the cutest sheet masks to make your skincare regime a lot more fun!

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Holika Holika - Gudetama Lazy & Easy Character Mask Sheet

If you are a huge fan of Gudetama, this mask will definitely have to be in your cart! This mask comes in a packaging that totally embodies the idea of Gudetama and how he looks like he’s just being his usual lazy self.
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Soaked with an essence rich in vitamins, this mask promises to sooth and restore the balance of tired skin. It also claims to brighten the skin too!

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Mediheal - BTS BT21 Face Point Mask Set

Everyone has heard of the ever-so-popular Korean boy band BTS. But did you know BTS designed some very iconic characters? Featuring the cute BT21 characters, Mediheal has released a set of face masks that just might be the most adorable thing on earth.

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These Insta-worthy mask patches are available in 6 variations, each designed to tackle various skin concerns. So, sooth, moisturise and achieve delicate skin with these lovable BT2 point masks!

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KOCOSTAR - Fruit Slice and Flower Mask Sheet

If you’re travelling and you want to look chic while masking on the plane, try out K-beauty brand Kocostar. Well-known for their innovative mask packs, you will be able to treat your feet, hair, face and more when you’re on the go! Check out the flower masks below.

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Fruit masks are also available and they come in several variations to target different skin concerns. If dry skin patches are bothering you, go for the Watermelon Slice Mask Sheet as it hydrates the skin and helps to refresh the skin.

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G9SKIN - B.Duck Vita Ampoule Lip Patch

This hydrogel lip patch not only brings you an adorable duck face but, also enviable soft and plump lips.
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Packed with grapefruit and tangerine peel extracts, this little lip patch will offer a boost of vitamins. Time to say bye to dry, wrinkled lips!

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Sheet masks have always been a popular way to get soft, smooth skin as they are fuss-free and easy to use! But sometimes, skincare can get a little boring. So, inject a dose of fun with these adorable sheet masks and you can even do this with your friends or partner! Know someone who will love these masks? Share this with them!

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