These Korean Babes Are Bringing Leopard Prints Back In Style! Here's 5 Ways To Style Them

These Korean Babes Are Bringing Leopard Prints Back In Style! Here's 5 Ways To Style Them

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By GirlStyle on 18 Dec 2018

Who says leopard prints are only for the old? They are here for the fashionable!

If you have been keeping up with the cool and fashionable girls from South Korea, you should have noticed the comeback of leopard prints this season. Be it outer wears or tops to shoes and accessories, leopard prints proved to be a timeless fashion ensemble. However, you would need some skills to rock them. Today, let's take a look at the 5 simple ways we can rock leopard prints ♡

# Earrings and accessories


Leopard prints are bold, stylish and can help you bring out the sexy you never knew you were born with! Trust us, do away with the boring diamonds and go for something bold this season.



# Caps

If you have always had things for caps, you would love this leopard prints beret.


Though it's not exactly advisable to wear a wool cap in Singapore, you can opt for the ones made from other materials.


Who said it'd be weird to wear a cap like this in Singapore? To hell with those stereotypes; create your own style and up your everyday look with a leopard print cap.



If you're out to turn heads and slay the crowd this weekend, dress in your best black and give it a push with a leopard prints cap.

# Shoes

They say good shoes take to you to places. So if you want to go far, get a good pair.

If you are open to experimenting, get yourself a pair of leopard prints sneaker and see how far it can bring your style to.



We promise it looks good with a plain black or white top, jeans or any other long pants as long as it's not in loud colours like red, blue or green.

If you are into nude coloured bottoms, we dare you to rock it with a pair of leopard prints shoes like this!


# Socks

If you aren't too sure if leopard prints are for you, test them out with these socks.




# Bags

These leopard prints crossover bags are hot favourites on Taobao too and we can understand why. Similar to the shoes we mentioned earlier, these bags can help you to 'up' your style in an instance!

A girl can never have enough bags. Rather, there is a bag for every occasion! If you need one for that bold look, this is it.



After looking at 5 items leopard prints look good in, are you a convert yet?

Here's a bonus look we absolutely love:


Isn't it pretty and alluring?

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Photos: Taobao
Text by: GirlStyle SG

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