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A New Harry Potter Cafe/Bar Opened In Seoul And Our Inner Potterhead Is Screaming!

A New Harry Potter Cafe/Bar Opened In Seoul And Our Inner Potterhead Is Screaming!

By elaine.kiew on 24 Nov 2018

You'd surely want to visit this place even more after watching Fantastic Beasts 2 (◕‿◕)


A new Harry Potter Cafe & Bar called 9¾ KING'S CROSS has opened up in Hongdae, Seoul, South Korea and just looking at the photos is enough to make us spazz. If you're planning a trip to Seoul, don't forget to add this place onto your itinerary!

Let's go check out how it looks~

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Every inch of this bar/cafe is designed to recreate scenes from the critically acclaimed Harry Potter series.


While you're here, don't forget to try on robes of different houses in Hogwarts and learn how to cast some spells.

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Here's how 9¾ KING'S CROSS looks inside~



Look out for your favourite Harry Potter books while you're here. You can even read one if you're planning to stay for long xD

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Does this stairway look familiar?



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Cafe Information
943 King's Cross (943 킹스크로스)
Opening hours: Soft opening period. Close at 21:00
Address: Near 29, Yanghwa-ro 16-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 마포구 양화로16길 29)

Photos: 유후70 (Naver)
Text by: Girlstyle SG

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