Crazy Mad Love: Outrageous Stuff Celebrities Have Done For Their Crush!

Crazy Mad Love: Outrageous Stuff Celebrities Have Done For Their Crush!

By GirlStyle on 09 Oct 2018

So you think celebrities are the ones who get stalked by fans and the Paparazzi?

Here's where you'd be surprised. One local celebrity was actually the one who was "stalking" before when she followed her crush home.

Talk about madly in love indeed!







These local celebrities share their crazy stories about the lengths they'd go to get  the attention of their crush. Looks like when hormones rage, there's just no stopping them...



  1. Felicia Chin




Felicia Chin Instagram
Photo from Felicia Chin Instagram




With her innocent girl-next-door, unassuming demeanour, who knew this Mediacorp sweetheart was once....a stalker? (No wonder they say the quiet ones are often the most dangerous ones)

When she was in secondary school, she had a huge crush on a boy who stayed near her. (we want to know who this boy is!)


She would go to his house which was fairly nearby and everyday at 10pm she would stand beneath his block and stare at his windows just so she could catch a glimpse of him.


Talk about consistency and being hardworking!


Only when she saw that the lights were turned off, signalling he had gone to bed, then would she head home.


She felt super elated each time she did that, and it wasn't something she could explain.




Today Online
Photo from Today Online




She would wait for at least half an hour each time and she said she was just happy at the thought of being near him and getting to admire him from afar. She admits it was silly when she thought back about how "stalkerish" it seemed back then!





2. Romeo Tan




Today Online
Photo from Today Online



O Romeo, Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo? His Juliet was one lucky chick because he once got into an accident for her!



He made a 1500 piece Winnie-The-Pooh jigsaw puzzle for a girl he once liked. As he was cycling to her house to give the present to her, he met an accident and the whole puzzle was destroyed. Oh horrors!


However, Romeo, knew the course of true love never did run smooth, as Shakespeare put it, and he spent the whole night making another one from scratch!


If only all students tried this hard for their examinations, we'd build a nation of scholars!



3. Sonia Chew



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Always think twice before getting yourself tattooed, because the result is pretty much permanent and the removal process is no walk in a park. In other words. PAINFUL AF.


Unless you have a penchant for torture and pain. Proceed.


Sonia Chew learnt the hard way out when she got herself a matching tattoo with a boy she liked years ago. (on her waist)

Somehow, the concept of matching tattoos seem to spell Bad News, with a capital B.

However in her defence, she did not deliberately set it out to be matching tattoos. She liked the design (a robot) and showed it to the boy and he liked it so much too they decided to do it together.




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So up till today...they still have the same tattoo, though he's getting married to...someone else.
Talk about awkward!



4. Zhang Zhen Huan


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We saved the best for last because this one was so deliciously hilarious.


Mediacorp hunk Zhen Huan used to have a major crush on a schoolmate so much so that he deliberately punctured her bicycle tyre and let the air out of the tyre just to ensure she had no mode of transportation. He has then deviously planned to offer her a ride home out of the pretext of being "kind" (Read: helping damsel in distress)


Reminds us of one of those potential villains in horror movies when they try to stall the innocent victims' escape plan...

Sadly, his plans went up in smoke when she rejected him and went home with her other friends instead.


Ouch. All that effort for nothing.




Photo from TNP


His only regret? Not doing it MORE TIMES. He feels that if he had persisted in puncturing her tyres, she would eventually accept his ride offer.


Not too sure if that persistence is admirable or just a tad bit creepy but nonetheless, we are still amused by the whole shenanigan. (Not sure if the girl would feel the same way too if she found out the truth!)




These incidences show you how the stars, just like anyone of us, have had their own fair share of insane romantic escapades.




Looks like love really screws with the mind.

Do you feel less crazy already?








Text By: Girlstyle SG

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