Want A Bedroom Like That? Check Out This Harry Potter Themed Home Collection!

Want A Bedroom Like That? Check Out This Harry Potter Themed Home Collection!

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By GirlStyle on 25 Sep 2018

People might say Harry Potter is passe, but for us, it's always evergreen.


Besides as the saying goes, "Old is gold" right?  We are currently digging and loving this Harry Potter themed bedroom collection!


Photo from Nerdist


A new collaboration between Pottery Barn brands and Warner Bros. films brings fans a Hogwarts-themed home collection.


Haven't we all been (at least) slightly, if not very fascinated with the world of Harry Potter?


Photo from Nerdist



Soo Koo, Warner Bros. Consumer Products' chief creative officer said (about the collection)


"Our new collections from Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids, and PBteen reimagine the stories and characters made popular in the Harry Potter films, allowing fans to transform their space with a lifestyle approach in a modern way."


Photo from Slanted






It seems possible to recreate all the magic of Hogwarts right here in your bedroom and house, without having to go to Hogwarts. (we are all Muggles here, so we can't go to Hogwarts anyway)




PB teen
Photo from PB teen



The collection is pretty, whimsical and girly, so it's not just for boys! Even girls can have a Harry Potter Themed room too!




Photo from Hypable



Imagine sleeping and waking up in this bed everyday!  Sweet dreams abound!



The Enchanted Outlook
Photo from The Enchanted Outlook




The New Harry Potter Collection from Pottery Barn will make your house more spell binding and captivating then ever! You might never want to leave your house anymore.




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Not just kids, but adults all over are already going crazy over the collection!



Photo from Simplemost



The best items from these collections in our opinion, has to be the pillows and cushions! Look at that owl!




Elite Daily
Photo from Elite Daily


Pop Sugar
Photo from Pop Sugar




If you don't intend to do a major overhaul of your home or bedroom, you can add a couple of these Harry Potter themed knick knacks like these Harry Potter Flying Key Jewellery Hooks.



They won't burn a hole in your pocket.



Pop Sugar
Photo from Pop Sugar



Harry Potter Wiki
Photo from Harry Potter Wiki



True likeness to the movie.








A flying snitch clock would be a subtle but cute addition.




Photo from Chatelaine



Looks exactly like the flying snitch from the actual movie! #dayumson



Harry Potter Wiki
Photo from Harry Potter Wiki


Would you want a bedroom like that?


Home Nines
Photo from Home Nines



Muggles and Wizards alike will be charmed and dazzled by this new collection!


You might not be a Wizard, but you can certainly recreate the spellbinding, magical world of Harry Potter right in your own home!~






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