Add This Cleansing Hair Treatment To Your Summer Hair Routine, Stat!

Add This Cleansing Hair Treatment To Your Summer Hair Routine, Stat!

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By Zoe Zeng on 24 May 2024

Just like with skincare, the most important part of your haircare routine is the first step: cleansing. In our haste to condition and style our locks, many of us make the rookie mistake of overlooking this step, causing a buildup of sebum and dandruff that goes mostly unnoticed!

If your scalp feels itchy and greasy, it could be a sign that your regular hair washes are not quite cutting it in the cleansing department. Those who have long or thick hair (or both, in my case) will be even more prone to these concerns, no thanks to the persistently hot and humid weather.

To rid yourself of these pesky issues, we recommend switching up your arsenal of haircare products or adding a scalp cleansing treatment to your routine. Beijing 101’s Meridian Hair Growth Treatment is a non-invasive option that uses mild ingredients for a soothing experience free of side effects.

Premium-grade Chinese herbs are used in Beijing 101’s scalp treatmentsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

And we’re not just saying that — each step of the treatment focuses on transforming your scalp to its cleanest and most balanced state, while targeting any specific hair and scalp conditions.

During my visit, I had a one-on-one consultation with an experienced hair specialist, who identified my deep-rooted hair concerns by taking a scan of my scalp, revealing clogged pores and an oily surface.

One-on-one consultation with an experienced hair specialistPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

This was worsened by the fact that my hair was long and naturally thick, causing sweat and sebum to build up rapidly at the roots.

While I was concerned about the state of my scalp, the hair specialist assured me that a personalised treatment would gently slough off all that gunk and restore it to a much clearer condition.

My pre-treatment scan showed clogged pores and an oily scalpPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Beijing 101 uses technology to unlock the powerful ingredients of premium Chinese herbs, harnessing the active ingredients within the herb. This extraction process makes it many times more effective than applying the herbs directly on the scalp, all while eliminating unpleasant odours.

My scalp was first purified with a Scalp Make-Up Remover formula, which uses premium-grade Chinese herbs like Willow Bark Extract, Aloe Vera and Lactobacillus to remove accumulated oil, dirt, and bacteria.

A Scalp Make-Up Remover formula is applied to my scalpPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Despite the use of all these ingredients, I was thrilled that there was no unpleasant herbal smell throughout the entire treatment process. After all, no one wants to walk around smelling like herbal soup, right?

Next was a specialised Meridian Hair Wash, that utilises techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to target meridian points. This step left me feeling really refreshed and helped to boost the health and vitality of my scalp and hair.

Here’s where things get interesting: a customised tonic is applied onto my semi-dried hair and scalp with a high-pressure Medi AirJet (MAJ). It felt a bit like having my head airbrushed with the world’s finest spray paint, and the tonic left a minty, extra satisfying sensation on my scalp. The Medi AirJet amplifies the penetration of the tonic into the scalp for better absorption.

Using the high-pressure Medi AirJet (MAJ), a customised tonic is applied to my scalpPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Next, my hair specialist carefully provided a Meridian Scalp Massage. Besides the health benefits of loosening clustered nodules and even increasing oxygen supply to the head, it was hands down my favourite step for the sheer relaxation it brought to my scalp and head muscles. I felt instant relief after tension melted away from spots like my temples and the base of my scalp, where I sometimes experience stress headaches. This treatment step brings about blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

To finish it all off, I received the Alpha Hair Beam Light Therapy, which uses a non-invasive and low-level laser to encourage hair growth and improve scalp health. This advanced hair growth device is so light, I could barely feel the weight of it on my head throughout the process.

The Alpha Hair Beam Light Therapy uses low-level lasers to stimulate hair growthPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

After the treatment, I got to take another close-up look at my scalp. To my immense relief, the treatment had not only removed the unsightly oil clogs and debris, my scalp no longer had an oily sheen and instead looked the picture of health. And to think, the whole process only took 2.5 hours total — it was time well spent indeed!

Here’s how my scalp looked like before and after the treatment:

Before the treatment (left) my scalp had an oily surface and clogged pores, while the post-treatment scan showed healthy hair follicles free of dandruffPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Most importantly, my mane looked glossier and fuller than ever, due to the lack of greasiness at the roots. I received quite a few compliments from my friends when we met up for dinner and drinks later in the evening, and was flattered to hear that they noticed an immediate improvement in the appearance of my locks.

After the treatment, my hair showed a marked difference and was glossier and fuller than everPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If you’ve been feeling the same summer woes as me and need a refresher for your scalp, here’s how you can enjoy Beijing 101’s Meridian Hair Growth Treatment First Trial at just $50 (U.P. $624)

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