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Charlotte Tilbury Launches Mood-Boosting Perfumes In Witchy, Crystal-Shaped Bottles

Charlotte Tilbury Launches Mood-Boosting Perfumes In Witchy, Crystal-Shaped Bottles

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By Zoe Zeng on 17 Apr 2024

Where are our crystal and tarot girlies at? There's never been a better time to get sniffing and spritzing, because Charlotte Tilbury will soon drop her first-ever Fragrance Collection of Emotions, a range of perfumes with seriously mystical, witchy vibes!


Formulated to channel positive emotions, these fragrances attempt to boost the mood of its wearer with its scent, design and energy. According to the brand, this was done by incorporating colour theory, numerology, symbology, and fragrance history into the creation of these perfumes.

Fragrance Collection of EmotionsPhoto from Charlotte Tilbury

That aside, each of the 6 scents comes in crystal-shaped bottles of varying jewel shades, which look absolutely perfect for displaying on your vanity. Read on to find out more about each scent and decide which would make a good fit for you.

Love Frequency

Love FrequencyPhoto from Charlotte Tilbury

Out of 104 users who tested Love Frequency over 1 week, 84% felt that the perfume enhanced feelings of love. While the numbers are indeed impressive, we reckon the romantic scent of rose, pink pepper, woody notes and velvety musks are even more so!



JoyphoriaPhoto from Charlotte Tilbury

Who could resist saying no to a bit of extra joy in their life? Joyphoria blends notes of white blooms, uplifting neroli oil, and ylang ylang for a bright and floral scent that's perfect for summer.

More Sex

More SexPhoto from Charlotte Tilbury

Kudos to whoever named this one — it sure doesn't go beating around the bush! More Sex manifests the passion and sensuality of the bedroom with a heady dose of bold black pepper oil and magnetic juniper berry oil.

Magic Energy

Magic EnergyPhoto from Charlotte Tilbury

We all have those days where we could really use a spritz of energy (instead of a boatload of caffeine) to get through the day. Magic Energy is dedicated to doing just that, with a mixture of floral and fruity bergamot, creamy palo santo accord, and a touch of frankincense.


Calm Bliss

Calm BlissPhoto from Charlotte Tilbury

Dive into a well of tranquility with the Calm Bliss fragrance. This weightless floral scent comes with powdery and woody notes, along with a touch of white musk for a gentle sense of calm and peace.

Cosmic Power

Cosmic PowerPhoto from Charlotte Tilbury

Those who like their perfumes spicy will delight in the opulent Cosmic Power, which combines rose ultimate, amber, frankincense accord and vanilla bean extract for a divinely empowering scent.

While the collection is not yet available in Singapore, you can browse the fragrances on the Charlotte Tilbury UK website from 2 May onwards.

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