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5 Must-Visit Booths At POP TOY SHOW Singapore For Super Cute Blind Boxes, Stationery & Other Goodies

5 Must-Visit Booths At POP TOY SHOW Singapore For Super Cute Blind Boxes, Stationery & Other Goodies

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By Zoe Zeng on 08 Sep 2023

Just in case you haven't heard, the first-ever POP TOY SHOW in Singapore is happening over this weekend from 8 to 10 September. This toy show is definitely going to be heaven on earth for avid POP MART toy collectors and blind box enthusiasts, but here's why you should make a trip down even if you don't fall into either of those categories: there are tons and tons of the most adorable collectibles, stationery, trinkets and other goodies available on site!


BEARBRICK Booth at POP TOY SHOW Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

With over 100 exhibitors gathering at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Halls D & E, in addition to a packed lineup of stage programmes and other scheduled activities at the toy show, it can be incredibly difficult to decide where you should spend your time. Besides the most popular, large exhibits like BEARBRICK and Action City, there are also plenty of lesser-known yet equally amazing booths to see! These 5 booths have the most adorable merch you simply cannot miss — read on to find out more!

#1: Hey Ciao (Booth C23)

Hey Ciao (Booth C23)Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Hey Ciao is the ultimate temptation station for those who have a weak spot for Sanrio characters and all things cute! To start with, there's a huge range of collectibles in baby pinks, blues and purples all over the counters around the exhibit. We found Moetech Beans ($3.20) in little blind bags that come in a playful bean, Cinnamoroll, and Sanrio Ice Cream-themed designs.

Hey Ciao Moetech BeansPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

There are also Emma Colourful Sweetheart Beans ($11.90), another colourful collectible blind bag series that'll worm its way into your heart.


Hey Ciao Emma Colourful Sweetheart BeansPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Those who want something a little more... ahem practical, can check out the Sanrio Mini Standing Fans ($9.90) that are shaped like a little airplane! There are Kuromi, Hello Kitty and Cinnamoroll variations of this up for grabs.

Hey Ciao Sanrio Mini Standing FansPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

#2: Berry Winkle (Booth AE19)

Berry Winkle (Booth AE19)Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

There's something to be said about character goods that are so adorable, they bring out a ferocity hidden deep in shoppers and make them reach for their hard-earned dollars (yes, we caved and bought more than a few adorable items at this booth)! Berry Winkle is a locally-based store offering merch of the aptly named characters: Duck boi, Pigeon boi, and the newest addition to their mischievous team, Crow boi.

Berry Winkle Stationery & iPad/Laptop Sleeves Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

You'll be able to find everything from Stickers (from $4) and Washi Tape ($8) to iPad/Laptop Sleeves ($40/$42) and Plushies (from $4) of the very good bois.


Berry Winkle PlushiesPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

There are also Keychain Blind Bags (1 for $6, 2 for $10) of the store's bestselling keychains to satisfy your need for a little surprise. Our favourites out of all their goods are the Card Sleeves (1 for $3, 7 for $15), which can hold your favourite photocards, trading cards or even your best polaroids!

Berry Winkle Keychain Blind Bag & Card SleevesPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

#3: POP BEAN (Booth E24)

POP BEAN (Booth E24)Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

We hope you've got quick reflexes — because you'll need them over at the POP BEAN exhibit! Here you can customise your own glass jar with the adorable POP BEANS of your choice. But you'll have to be fast, because there's a time limit of 3 minutes per person for choosing your desired beans.

POP BEAN Pre-Filled JarsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Pick from four jar sizes: Small ($59.90), Medium ($78.90), Large ($89.90) and Extra Large ($129.90) to hold your POP BEANS and get ready to shovel madly!


POP BEAN Jar SizesPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

There are plenty of characters available in pearly pinks, blues, yellows, whites and other soft shades that'll brighten up your room or desk, as well as more brightly coloured ones that resemble popular superheroes and cartoon figures.

POP BEAN designsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

#4: d.atlas studio (Booth AE10)

d.atlas studio (Booth AE10)Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

d.atlas studio has got to be one of the most unique artists exhibiting at the POP TOY SHOW, and you'll see why the moment you get to their booth. The display will look extra familiar to most Singaporeans, especially since the array of goods like Pet Fortune Enamel Pins (1 for $17, 4 for $60), Mini Charms (1 for $6, 2 for $10), and Fortune Blind Boxes (1 for $13, 3 for $30) are inspired by spiritual offerings on an altar — but in an extremely cute form!

d.atlas studio Pet Fortune Enamel Pins & Fortune Blind BoxesPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The highlight is the selection of playful Amulet Stickers (1 for $6, 3 for $10), which you can pick by choosing a fortune from the bunch of lots provided on the 'altar', then finding the corresponding number among the fortune stickers. The whole process takes no time at all and will provide you and your company with extra fun and giggles.


d.atlas studio Altar SetupPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

d.atlas studio lots and Amulet StickersPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

#5: thebunmeo (Booth AE15)

thebunmeo (Booth AE15)Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

From Miffy to My Melody, it seems that we can never have enough of cute bunny characters. thebunmeo 100% caters to that demand for more fluffy rabbit goodness with their pastel stationery, household essentials and plushies! Some of their most adorable goods include Sparkly Die-Cut Stickers ($2), Sticker Sheets (1 for $6, 2 for $10), Acrylic Keychains (1 for $7, or 1 for $8 with charm), and Washi Tape (1 for $8, 2 for $14).

thebunmeo Washi Tape & Sparkly Die-Cut StickersPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Those in search for unique gifts for friends (or to treat themselves) can check out their cloth Bubble Tea Holder ($7) and Collect Book ($17) for photocards and polaroids.

thebunmeo Bubble Tea Holder and Collect BookPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

You can also try the special sure-win Gacha Event ($5 per spin), which will get you a random item from the booth — ranging from sticker sheets to tote bags and even a full-sized bunny plushie!

thebunmeo Gacha Event ($5 per spin)Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

You can get tickets to POP TOY SHOW Singapore on their website here, and find out more information on the event via their Facebook and Instagram pages.

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