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Genki Sushi Launches A New Limited-Time Satsuma & Australian Wagyu Menu

Genki Sushi Launches A New Limited-Time Satsuma & Australian Wagyu Menu

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By Karmen on 14 Jun 2023
Digital Editor

Genki Sushi has all our hearts for its satisfying yet affordable sushi served in mini bullet trains. And while their classics like Mentai Mayo Fries and Salmon 3 Flavours is enough to keep us coming back for more, the Japanese chain restaurant is taking the temptation up a notch with their limited-time Wagyu Matsuri menu.


Served from now till 23 July 2023 at all outlets, this decadent menu features two varieties of premium wagyu but without the shocking price tags typical of wagyu items.

First is the A5 Satsuma wagyu from the Minami Satsuma Valley in Kagoshima, Japan, where the cattle have specially formulated diets including nutritious rice plants cultivated on Mt Aso in Kumamoto prefecture. The wagyu is infused with fragrant truffle oil from Italy, and prepared in a sous vide at 58 degrees Celsius for an hour.

Sounds fancy, and it tastes the part too!

Things got off to a strong start with the Wagyu Tsutsumi ($5.90) that had generous slices of succulent wagyu and leeks on top of rice and seaweed.

Wagyu TsutsumiPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

But trumping it was the Spicy Wagyu Tsutsumi ($5.90), which came with fried garlic and Japanese chilli oil - a heavenly combination!

Spicy Wagyu TsutsumiPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


The truffle aroma of these two dishes came just as a subtle oomph, and if that isn't enough for you, try the Mega Truffle Wagyu ($7.90).

The dramatically long slice of wagyu is torched, giving it a lovely smokiness, and also comes with a pinch of truffle sauce that'll give you a sizeable hit of that earthy goodness.

Mega Truffle WagyuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The other wagyu variety on Genki Sushi's limited-time menu is the top-notch wagyu from Victoria, Australia with a high marbling score of 6-7.

While the Australian wagyu wasn't as fatty as its Japanese counterpart, it was no less juicy or tender! It'll also be ideal for those who prefer wagyu with a milder, less beef-y flavour.

Nothing beats the yuzu and marbled meat pairing, and further proving it was the Wagyu with Yuzu Kosho ($4.20) with bright and refreshing yuzu kosho balancing the fatty taste.

Wagyu with Yuzu KoshoPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Another of our favourites was the Sukiyaki Wagyu ($4.20), a sweet-and-savoury nigiri imbued with soy-based sauce.

Sukiyaki WagyuPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

If you're craving something heartier, go for the Wagyu Maki ($9.90) with cucumber and tamago or the Wagyu Mini Don ($9.90) which comes with Australian wagyu slices, shimeji mushrooms, caramelised onions and spring onions.

Wagyu MakiPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Wagyu Mini DonPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Save some space for their desserts! While we have less-than-fond memories of some of Genki Sushi's past limited-time desserts, their latest launch has them fully redeemed. The Lemon Mont Blanc ($5.80) was everything we'd hope for in a lemon dessert - creamy, zesty and rich without being too sweet. The Yuzu Sorbet ($4.80) was just as delightful with its refreshingly addictive taste.

Lemon Mont BlancPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

For the price point, Genki Sushi's Wagyu Matsuri menu is a boon for wagyu lovers and it's a shame it will only have a limited run. Enjoy it while you can from now till 23 July 2023 at all 21 outlets.