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The New Tsaio Tea-Infused Body Wash In Singapore Smells Like Actual Tea For A Therapeutic Shower

The New Tsaio Tea-Infused Body Wash In Singapore Smells Like Actual Tea For A Therapeutic Shower

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By Karmen on 14 May 2023
Digital Editor

Be it plush towels, scented candles or matching bathroom accessories, there's always something to introduce to your bath time ritual that will elevate it to new, pampering heights. It doesn't need to be expensive either! We came across an affordable gem while shopping at Unity at The Woodleigh Mall - the Tsaio Body Wash for a showering-with-tea experience.


A Taiwanese beauty brand, Tsaio (上山採藥) specialises in plant-base skincare, bodycare and haircare products. They recently debuted in Singapore, introducing an intriguing line-up of body washes infused with different types of tea.

Tsaio Tea-Infused Body Wash At UnityPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

We were expecting an artificial scent but were pleasantly surprised by how the Repairing Body Wash - Oolong Tea smelled like actual oolong tea. It didn't quite create a burst of enveloping scent, but it made for a soothing and therapeutic shower with light whiffs of dried leaves and subtle floral notes.

Of course, the tea goodness doesn't stop at just the scent, this body wash is infused with oolong tea which is rich in tea polyphenols, caffeine and amino acids. It also contains skin-loving botanical extracts including rose and myrrh.

If you prefer a scent that's closer to that of traditional body washes, try the Relaxing Body Wash - Rooibos Tea. It had sweet, fruity notes and a woody trail. Formulated with rooibos tea extract and vitamin E, this body wash promises to maintain skin moisture by forming a protective film on the skin.

Both body washes left a scent on the skin that lingered for a solid few hours. They delivered on the skincare front too, leaving my skin feeling comfortable and moisturised after each wash. But a quick look at the ingredient list shows that these products contain sodium laureth sulphate, which means that they are probably unsuited to those with extremely dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin.

The other two body washes are Moisture Body Wash - Handpick Tea and Cold Brewed Tea Refresh Body Wash. Tsaio also has tea-infused shampoos and other non-tea-related products.

The Tsaio Body Washes (600ml) are available at Unity stores, FairPrice and online at for $16.90 each.

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