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Unexpectedly Delicious Bubble Tea Flavours You Gotta Try – As Recommended By Our Readers

Unexpectedly Delicious Bubble Tea Flavours You Gotta Try – As Recommended By Our Readers

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By Shairah on 25 Apr 2023
Project Editor

Fact: Singaporeans love bubble tea and there’s no denying it. What’s up for debate, however, is the best bubble tea in town. 


Whether it’s classic milk tea or a fruity concoction with 50% sugar, everyone has their go-to drink order. No matter your personal preference, the choices are endless. What’s more, bubble tea flavours are getting more creative by the day with unusual flavours (pei pa koa or cheese, anyone?), seasonal toppings, and even boozy versions for those with adventurous palettes.

With National Bubble Tea Day just around the corner (30 April), we figured that it was the perfect occasion to satisfy our bubble tea cravings by testing the most unique flavour combinations for ourselves. We asked our bubble tea-loving followers on Instagram to share with us their top picks – and the recommendations were certainly interesting to say the least.

From a Baileys-infused milk tea to a cheese cream topping, read on to discover five unexpectedly delicious bubble tea flavours worth trying – and how you can get them at 15% off on foodpanda.

HEYTEA Very Grape with CheezoPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


HEYTEA Very Grape with Cheezo

For many bubble tea connoisseurs, there’s nothing unusual about a creamy cheese foam on top of freshly-brewed tea. But fruit with cheese? We’ve never heard of this unusual combination – until our followers suggested we try HEYTEA’s Very Grape drink with its signature Cheezo topping.


As fans of cheesecake, we loved the deliciously creamy Cheezo topping. It tasted light, airy, and cheesy without being too overwhelmingly rich. Unexpectedly, we found that it paired well with the grape drink below. This combination is perfect if you prefer mild flavours as the Cheezo balances out the sweetness of the black grapes and the floral notes of the jasmine green tea.

Would we drink this again? Yes, whenever we’re in the mood for a rich yet thirst-quenching dessert in the form of a bubble tea drink.

Signature KOI Baileys Earl Grey Milk TeaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Signature KOI Baileys Earl Grey Milk Tea

Many of us would find it hard to pick between our favourite bubble tea or cocktail so the concept of alcohol-infused bubble tea seems genius.

Signature KOI offers a selection of boozy beverages from its Alcohol Series, including Lychee Gin Fizz and Mojito. The Baileys Earl Grey Milk Tea, in particular, was recommended by our followers for its elevated take on the classic Earl Grey Milk Tea. 

You certainly don’t have to worry about getting intoxicated from this drink. The Baileys Irish Cream was so subtle, we wondered if there was any at all. It was only after a few more gulps when the liqueur started to emerge – giving the Earl Grey Milk Tea some depth and fruitiness. What we really loved were the jumbo pearls, which remained soft and chewy even after a few hours.  

Would we drink this again? Most likely, if Signature KOI offers a more generous serving of the Baileys Irish Cream.


KOI Thé Honey Pi Pa Gao Milk Tea Photo from GirlStyle Singapore


KOI Thé Honey Pi Pa Gao Milk Tea

This was, by far, the most popular recommendation among our followers on Instagram, which made us wonder: is traditional Chinese medicine and bubble tea a perfect match?

We were initially afraid that the addition of the Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa syrup would result in a cloying sweet drink. But we really enjoyed the minty, herbaceous aftertaste that paired well with the creaminess of honey milk tea. Tip: if you add grass jelly, your drink will taste like a healthy Chinese dessert option. 

Would we drink this again? Definitely – consider this an upgrade of your usual milk tea order. 

LiHO Red Bull Lychee RosePhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

LiHO Red Bull Lychee Rose


Red Bull typically conjures up memories of Jägerbombs from our clubbing days, so we were most intrigued about this unique energy drink-infused bubble tea combo. We were curious to find out: would it give us the same energy boost we’d usually get from a can of Red Bull?

To our delight, this ice blended beverage was one of the most refreshing drink combinations we’ve tried. Unlike some fruit-based drinks which can taste like sweet jam, this one was a treat to savour. With just one sip, we tasted a medley of flavours – the sweet lychee and peach flavours first kicked in, followed by floral notes and a subtle tartness from the Red Bull. The chewy lychee bits also added a nice texture to the drink. We also liked the fact that LiHO offers two options to choose from: original Red Bull or Red Bull Sugarfree.

Would we drink this again? Yes. Although it didn’t give us quite the same ‘kick’ as a can of Red Bull, this refreshingly icy and tart drink is still a great option for days when we need a pick-me-up. 

Each-a-Cup Three Gems Milk TeaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Each-a-Cup Three Gems Milk Tea

An article about bubble tea wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Each-a-Cup, the bubble tea chain that’s been around for nearly 25 years. Each-a-Cup is best known for its nostalgic flavours like Chocolate Snowshake and Hazelnut Milk Tea, but our Instagram followers recommended trying the Three Gems Milk Tea.

What makes this drink so unique is the combination of grass jelly, mango pudding, and boba. Initially, we were worried that the flavours of three toppings may clash and result in a strange-tasting beverage. But our fears were unfounded. Surprisingly, the toppings complemented each other and gave us varied textures (silky smooth pudding, chewy jelly, and mochi-like boba) with every slurp. We especially  enjoyed the mango pudding, which added a fresh and fruity kick to the milk tea.

Would we drink this again? Yes, but we’re tempted to also try Each-a-Cup’s popular flavours like the Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea or Oreo Frappé.

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