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Fish Pool Review: "Underwater" Bar In Singapore Has Dazzling Mermaid Performances

Fish Pool Review: "Underwater" Bar In Singapore Has Dazzling Mermaid Performances

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By Karmen on 14 Mar 2023
Digital Editor

Everyone loves mermaids, some of us even had a fleeting fantasy of being one at some point, and it's easy to understand why. They're mysterious, magical and beautiful, and Disney's The Little Mermaid gave them a cool rep.


But whether you're enamoured with these mystical creatures or not, there's a place in Singapore that offers a wondrous mermaid dining experience that you'll be swooning over. Fish Pool at The NCO Club has reopened with fresh seafood that diners will enjoy while a real "mermaid" swims right by them.

Located along Beach road, Fish Pool is a cosy little bar that serves sashimi, crudo and ceviche along with creative cocktails against a backdrop of an Olympic-standard diving pool.

Fish Pool at The NCO ClubPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Ask for the seats right by the pool when making reservations. You'll get the best view of the mermaid performance and your dining table will be covered in a romantic blue-tinged light.

The ambience is pretty impressive, but the food and drinks also have a unique edge.

As you might expect from a bar named 'Fish Pool', the food menu consists of mainly seafood, more specifically raw seafood.

The meal started with Red Prawn ($24), a deceptively simple-looking dish that packed a refreshing punch with a mix of basil pesto, lemon and olive oil. I'm typically not the biggest fan of raw seafood, but the raw prawn in this dish had a surprisingly pleasing texture probably thanks to its freshness and how thinly sliced it was.


Red PrawnPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

From then, every dish continued to surprise with how palatable and non-fishy they were. The highlight of the meal was Uni & Caviar ($38), served in a pot filled with coffee beans. Inside two little seaweed cones were a umami-filled uni, subtly salty caviar and crème fraîche. All the rich components worked together beautifully and made for a luxurious, velvety "ice cream".

Uni & CaviarPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

I also enjoyed the Seabass Tiradito ($24) which had a luscious and almost juicy mouthfeel with a mild taste. Taking centre stage was the spicy and sour sauce made of sambal chilli, yuzu juice and cilantro.

Seabass TiraditoPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Lastly, I tried the Otoro & Chutoro ($38), which had raw tuna fish surrounded by egg mimosa, shallot, caper and nori cream with a side of bread chips. This was pretty powerful stuff, perhaps too powerful for me, but those who love raw tuna will be able to appreciate this luxe, wagyu beef equivalent of tuna.

Otoro & ChutoroPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Fish Pool also shines when it comes to their cocktails.


If you're in the mood for something light and smooth but not boring, go for R&T Heights ($28). This easy-to-drink cocktail is made of clarified cinnamon-infused Zacapa 23, kaffir syrup, citrus and East Imperial Tonic.

R&T Heights cocktailsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Prefer a stronger tipple? Ocean Inspiration ($28) is the one to try. The first few sips were strong, but it gradually grew on me and served as a lovely palate cleanser between dishes and after that, a comforting end to the meal. It's made with Umiki Japanese Whisky, Laphroaig 10 YO, tropical house mix, oyster saline tincture, egg white and citrus.

Ocean Inspiration cocktailPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

The drinks menu also has a range of other alcoholic drinks from champagne and wine to sake and bourbon.

Right on time at 6:45pm, the music switched to booming Lana Del Rey songs - a very fitting dream pop sound - signalling the start of the mermaid performance.

Singapore's first mermaid, Syrena (pronounced like Sai-ree-na ~ siren + Serena), appeared in her full magical glory complete with an intricate mermaid tail, blue hair and gorgeous ocean-themed accessories. She gave a spectacular performance swimming gracefully, dancing effortlessly underwater and interacting with diners, clinking drinks and taking selfies. The entire performance lasted 45 minutes, with Syrena periodically swimming to the surface to catch a breath.

Mermaid performance by SyrenaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Mermaid performance by SyrenaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore


Now, Fish Pool isn't the place to get a hearty, filling meal, but it's a unique dining experience perfect for a romantic date or a catch-up session with your bestie. The mermaid performance alone makes it worth a visit, and it's a plus that the seafood and cocktails are stellar.

Fish Pool at The NCO Club
Address: 32 Beach Rd, Singapore 189764 (Esplanade MRT)
Opening hours: Friday & Saturday, 6 to 10.30pm
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Reservations

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