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I Finally Got A Steigen Laundry System 1 Year After Moving Into My New Home & It Was The Best Decision

I Finally Got A Steigen Laundry System 1 Year After Moving Into My New Home & It Was The Best Decision

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By Sophie Hong on 10 Mar 2023
Senior Editor

I’ve always hated doing laundry. Out of all the household chores, it is the one I dread the most because of how tedious it is. There are so many steps to it - loading it into the washing machine, hanging it out to dry, taking it in once it’s dry, followed by folding or ironing, and then putting it all away. As if that isn’t arduous enough, this chore is also weather-dependent. The time it takes for me to complete this task can be really unpredictable, depending on the amount of sun and wind we get that day. 


And just my luck, I married someone who is extremely particular about laundry. A year ago, I wrote about the 5 things I wished I knew before moving in with my partner, where I explained how my partner does all the laundry because he wants it done his way. Since then, our lives have gotten busier and we recently welcomed a baby, so there are days when I absolutely have to do the laundry or else it will pile up. 

To make things easier for me, I finally convinced him of the usefulness of a smart laundry system. He was sceptical initially, but let me tell you - things have drastically improved since the Steigen Solar Pro came into our lives. 

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Benefits of a Steigen laundry system

I’ve been eyeing a Steigen for more than a year because it eliminates a lot of pain points. For starters, hanging up my laundry is no longer an arm workout; all the poles are now brought up or down at once with just the press of a button. 

Then there’s the predictability of indoor drying - I know my stuff will dry in a few hours' time, regardless of the weather, and there are no nasty surprises like a passing shower or bird poop to ruin my laundry.

And here’s another thing I found out after getting a Steigen: it actually saves me an extra step when it comes to putting away some of the clothes because I would have already hung them up on hangers. So if you’re as lazy as I am, the Steigen is definitely a worthy investment.


Introducing the new Solar Pro from the Steigen Solar Evolution series – available in 5 colours including  White (left) and Midnight Blue (right). Photo from Steigen

New & improved - Steigen Solar Evolutions series

Last October, Steigen launched two new models: the Solar Pro ($1,299) and the Solar Sonic ($1,099). They were so well-received by customers that I had to wait for a couple of months before I could get mine installed! This just goes to show that the Steigen is an integral part of any new home - especially if you’ve got a BTO with a cramped yard space that doesn’t get much sunlight or wind. 

So how does the new Solar Evolution series compare to previous Steigen models? Let me break it down for you: 

Steigen’s Solar Evolution models are energy efficient as they use 60% less electricity when lifting.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

1. More energy efficient

Steigen’s Solar Evolution models use 60% less electricity when lifting, making them more energy-efficient. And speaking of, did you know that they are also much cheaper to run compared to a conventional dryer?

My current washer-dryer uses 5.7kWh for a 3-hour drying cycle, which costs me about $1.78. In comparison, my Steigen Solar pro uses only 2.8kWh for a 3-hour drying cycle, which means I only pay $0.87 per use. I now get to dry my laundry for half the cost! 


Thanks to the 60ºC quad-core Solar drying and bigger load, I can now complete a week’s worth of laundry in just 3 hours.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

2. Dry more clothes at a faster speed

For me, the biggest improvements would be the 60ºC quad-core Solar drying (compared to 50ºC duo-core) - which replicates the sun’s drying effect sans the UV damage - and the 8-way circulator blower (compared to 2-way). These upgrades allow for 1.6 times faster wind speed and 8 times bigger drying coverage, which means my clothes dry so much quicker. 

Not only that, the Solar Evolution models are able to hold more laundry with a max load of 50kg. This allows you to load 5-10kg more compared to the older Solar series. The Solar Pro in particular has a whopping 7 poles (4 extendable, 3 stationary), which is an upgrade compared to the 5 poles previously.

After using my Steigen Solar Pro for a month, I find that a 3-hour drying cycle is enough to dry a full week’s worth of my usual household laundry, which comprises mainly light cotton and linen materials. For laundry that requires more heavy-duty drying, such as bedsheets or thicker clothes, I’ll switch to the 6-hour drying cycle.

The Steigen Solar Pro in Eclipse fits right into our industrial-themed home.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

3. Upgraded aesthetics that will fit into any home

One reason why my husband was so reluctant to install a Steigen was because of the aesthetics. He put a lot of effort into designing our home, right down to details such as the finishes to the temperature of our lights, and was worried that a laundry system might look too bulky or out of place.


While the colours of the previous models might have been slightly limited, the new Solar Pro is available in 5 colours while the Solar Sonic is available in four colours - including a lovely blush tone! You can also customise your Steigen, like adding more poles or built-in clips in either Clear or Smokey Clear to hold smaller items like undergarments, socks or baby clothes.

Besides that, the new Steigen models now also come with 3-tone LED panels, so you can adjust the temperature of the lights to your liking. In my house, warm amber lighting is preferred, so this is a rather thoughtful feature for us. 

Good news for allergy sufferers: the Solar Pro has a wide ultrasonic wave coverage which helps to disrupt the breeding cycle of dust mites and remove potential allergens.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

4. Improved odour-control and dust mite-repelling functions (for the Solar Pro)

One major benefit of a Steigen is its odour control feature, which eliminates the musty smell you sometimes get when you dry your clothes indoors. The previous models relied on negative ions for this, but now, thanks to a technological breakthrough, the Solar Pro is able to use both positive and negative Sol Ions™ to eliminate bacteria. Your clothes will be treated to approximately 25,000 ions per cm³, which thoroughly neutralises odour-causing bacteria.

And here’s more good news if you suffer from a dust allergy like I do - the Solar Pro also has a wide ultrasonic wave coverage of 8.5m³, which helps to disrupt the breeding cycle of dust mites. This is especially helpful for when I’m drying my bedsheets and pillowcases, which my ENT specialist says is the biggest culprit when it comes to triggering my night-time sniffles. 

Upgrade your home with the Solar Pro in Midnight Green – now at 10% off.Photo from Steigen

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