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Glow Up: Best Facials In Singapore For A Pampering Treatment

Glow Up: Best Facials In Singapore For A Pampering Treatment

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By Shairah on 27 Jan 2023
Project Editor

You may already have your skincare regime down pat – all ten steps complete with your trusty gua sha and rose quartz face roller. But sometimes, it's best to leave it to the experts to help you achieve the glowing, youthful-looking skin of your dreams.


Facials are the ultimate form of self care and best of all, there's one for any skincare concern you may have – be it wrinkles, acne, sensitivity, pigmentation, inflammation or sagging skin.

So go on and give your skin the pampering it deserves with our shortlist of the best facial treatments in Singapore to try.

Volcanic Cooling TreatmentPhoto from AsterSpring


With nearly 40 years in the industry and over 74 outlets across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong, AsterSpring has treated more than 10 million faces. This is thanks to its personalised skin health solutions that incorporate hand touch techniques, cutting-edge technology, and leading skincare brands such as Dermalogica. AsterSpring's comprehensive facial treatments target an array of skin issues – from ageing to acne, sensitivity, uneven skin tone, and scars.

Try:  Volcanic Cooling Treatment
This is the latest treatment by AsterSpring, which uses certified Basalt Magma Volcanic Stones from Peru to detoxify, soothe, and hydrate the skin. Those with stressed and dehydrated complexions will benefit most from the stones' healing capabilities that have a soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory effect. The treatment also incorporates three professional grade masques that are packed with skin-loving ingredients like oatmeal, hyaluronic acid,  Vitamins A and C, and seaweed.

AsterSpring has multiple locations islandwide. Visit the website for more information.


ENSOUL Medical Clinic, helmed by Dr. Kenneth TheanPhoto from ENSOUL Medical Clinic

ENSOUL Medical Clinic 

ENSOUL Medical Clinic takes a unique and multi-dimensional approach to skincare by combining cutting-edge technologies such as HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound), Pico laser, and Ultherapy with medical grade dermatological products for the best results. The clinic is helmed by Dr. Kenneth Thean, an industry expert with over 30 years of experience and passion for medical lasers. ENSOUL’S non-invasive treatments run the gamut, from anti-ageing to acne repair, pigmentation removal, and V-shape lifting – so whatever your skin concerns may be, ENSOUL has a solution for you.

Signature Acne Medi FacialPhoto from ENSOUL Medical Clinic

Try: Signature Acne Medi Facial
Suitable for even the most challenging of complexions, the Signature Medi Facial is designed to tackle acne and prevent future breakouts. By incorporating a medical-grade chemical peel with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), the 90-minute treatment does the works: it unclogs and reduces appearance of enlarged pores, eliminates acne-causing bacteria, reduces inflammation and sebum production. As a final step, LDM Ultrasound Skin Repair therapy (a medical-grade Ultrasound technology) is used to promote skin recovery for a brighter glow.

ENSOUL Medical Clinic is located at #08-01/08 International Building, 360 Orchard Road . Visit the website or email at [email protected] for more information.

Power-Lift FacialPhoto from Victoria Facelift

Victoria Facelift 


Victoria Facelift is known as the anti-wrinkle and facelift expert – and for good reason. Their treatments are specially geared towards giving customers a painless and natural alternative to looking youthful again. This is with the help of Victoria Facelift’s V-Factor, a unique anti-ageing formula of antioxidants and skin peptides to lift, repair, and restore ageing skin.

Try: Power-Lift Facial
Tailored according to each customer, the Power-Lift Facial promises to counter issues such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and sagging skin while boosting radiance and elasticity. It does so with the Power-Lift machine, which emits electromagnetic heat waves to penetrate deeper layers of the skin, activate the collagen regeneration, and aid the renewal of damaged skin cells. You’ll be able to see visible results (think more pronounced cheekbones) after one session but customers can expect a 20-40% improvement* in the skin and face shape from the first to third treatments onwards.

*Individual results may vary

Victoria Facelift has multiple locations islandwide. Visit the website for more information.

 Photo from Nap & Glow

Nap & Glow 

Plagued with acne and eczema, Nap & Glow’s founder decided to take matters into her own hands by starting her own beauty salon that carries its own range of specially formulated skincare. Today, Nap & Glow boasts a dedicated following, thanks to its range of highly-effective treatments that range from microneedling to peels, enzyme facials, and dermaplaning.

Try: Hydra-Snowflake Treatment
It gets its name from Nap & Glow’s Snowflake skincare range that is used during the treatment. This signature treatment focuses on restoring a natural, healthy glow to the skin through hydra-dermabrasion cleansing, a gentle peel, cryotherapy and various soothing masks. The result? Glass-like skin that’s plump and almost poreless.


Nap & Glow is located at #03-16 Bugis Cube, 470 North Bridge Road. Visit their Instagram page or contact them via WhatsApp

Multi-Modal Acne Eliminating Care TherapyPhoto from Astalift


You may already be familiar with Astalift, the beauty brand by Fujifilm, which taps on its scientific knowledge on light and oxidation prevention. Their range of treatment services incorporate products packed with skincare ingredients that are developed exclusively by the brand such as Astaxanthin (a powerful natural antioxidant). Coupled with nanotechnology, Astalift is an affordable option for those seeking effective results.

Try: Multi-Modal Acne Eliminating Care Therapy
This 95-minute treatment is designed to get to the root of any acne-related skin issue you may have. First, a Aqua Micro-Jet System (with tiny water jets and controlled vacuum suction) is used to remove clogged pores. Then, the key step of facial uses Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL) and Rapid Pulse Technology (RPT) as the ultimate acne-fighting duo to penetrate deep within the skin tissues to destroy acne-causing bacteria, reduce sebum levels, unclog pores, and promote skin repair. Finally, coloured LED therapy caps off the treatment to soothe and bring a glow to the skin.

Astalift is located at Plaza Singapura and NEX. Visit the website for more information.

Clear Skin Hydra Deluxe TreatmentPhoto from Kew Organics

Kew Organics

Like its name suggests, Kew Organics is a homegrown organic beauty brand that follows the ‘less is more’ adage for skincare. Founder Lily Kew harnesses the power of natural ingredients such as Japanese knotweed and goji berry to come up with a medical-grade and certified organic skincare line that works in tandem with Kew Organics’ facial treatments. For busy individuals in search of fuss-free and effective skincare solutions, check out the Sugar K Organic Peel Bar: a unique concept offering speedy organic facial peels in just 20 minutes.

Try: Clear Skin Hydra Deluxe Treatment
This no-frills treatment targets acne prone and oily skin by first unclogging pores – the crucial first step to clear, unblemished skin. Then, the skin is given a boost of hydration with skincare products that are specially selected according to each customer’s skin needs.

Kew Organics has multiple locations islandwide. Visit their website or call 8809 0065 for more information.

Beespoke™ Honey FacialPhoto from Porcelain Spa

Porcelain Spa

Founded by a mother-daughter team in 2009, Porcelain Spa has since grown to become a cult name in the local skincare industry with two outlets, a product range, and more than 110 awards under its belt. Its philosophy is simple: to advocate a foundation-free approach to help its customers achieve healthy skin from within. Its treatments harness the power of natural ingredients that work in tandem with technologically advanced formulations. What's more, Porcelain Spa offers a highly personalised experience, thanks to its proprietary mobile app which tracks every customer's skincare journey and offers personalised prescriptions.

Try: Beespoke™ Honey Facial
Adorable name aside, the 90-minute Beespoke™ Honey Facial promises to deliver radiance and hydration to dull, tired skin. How? Through Cryotherapy, LED light therapy and its signature Shiatsu face massage. The treatment also gets its name from the use of bee-centric skincare products such as the Almond Honey Scrub and Bee Propolis Extract that were created just for this facial.

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