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New My Melody Omamori EZ-Link Charms Are Now Available In Stores

New My Melody Omamori EZ-Link Charms Are Now Available In Stores

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By Karmen on 11 Jan 2023
Digital Editor

EZ-Link and Sanrio have collaborated on many occasions, bringing us the most adorable EZ-Link cards, charms and wearables that make our daily commute a little sweeter But trumping them all is their latest creation - the My Melody Omamori EZ-Link Charm.


My Melody Omamori EZ-Link charmPhoto from EZ-Link

Omamori, or Japanese amulets, are a popular souvenir and keepsake commonly sold in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples in Japan. These amulets contain prayers written on paper and sealed in pretty embroidered pouches that you can hang on your bag like a keychain. These charms are often used for good luck and protection.

EZ-Link and Sanrio's rendition combines the traditional omamori design with a kawaii aesthetic featuring a My Melody face, flowers, glittery gold details and, of course, pink!

My Melody Omamori EZ-Link CharmPhoto from Meiting Tan via Facebook

The My Melody Omamori EZ-Link charms are available at all Challenger stores islandwide at $24.90 each (no load value). Check out the full list of Challenger stores here. Each customer is limited to 5 charms.

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