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Whimsical New Floral-Themed Dessert House In Singapore Has Delicate Afternoon Tea Sets & Pet-Friendly Seating

Whimsical New Floral-Themed Dessert House In Singapore Has Delicate Afternoon Tea Sets & Pet-Friendly Seating

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By Rachel Yohannan on 31 Dec 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Another floral-themed cafe? Well, hear us out. La Forêt isn’t one of those cutesy little places washed in pink and pastel. In fact, it’s more of an artisanal dessert house than your regular casual pastry joint. Draped in neutral and warm-toned plants that look almost autumnal in nature, this whimsical spot in a corner of Singapore’s quiet “countryside” is worth every bit of the travel.


La Forêt Singapore floral archPhoto from La Forêt

To get to La Forêt you’ll first have to walk through a pretty flower arch along the secluded Portsdown Road, and that very action is almost akin to transporting yourself into a storybook. If this dreamy pink, blue, and white floral fixture looks familiar to you, that’s because it’s also the walkway towards Under der Linden and Ce Soir - all of which are housed separately, but under the same company in the same compound.

La Forêt SingaporePhoto from La Forêt

“Quirky” and “luxe” don’t seem like adjectives that go together, but a mixture of both is what will greet you when you step into the refurbished colonial building that houses La Forêt. Pampas lines the walls - as do round windows, some of which are irregularly shaped - and elaborate arrangements of dried plants are perched on a good portion of the ceiling beams, along with chandeliers that dangle with crystals.

La Forêt SingaporePhoto from La Forêt

Wavy mirrors are also placed around the to match the odd-shaped windows, while candles on the marble-surfaced tables light up every seating space.

La Forêt Singapore afternoon tea setPhoto from La Forêt


La Forêt takes their afternoon tea seriously; So seriously, that that is all they serve in terms of food, in the form of a 3-course set. This allows them to ensure that every single item is crafted to perfection, with no room for mistakes or compromised quality.

La Forêt Singapore DessertsPhoto from La Forêt

Here’s the menu for La Forêt’s 3-course afternoon tea set:


  • Egg Mayo Sandwich
  • Tomato Tart


  • Peony - lychee, rose, and raspberry
  • Forêt - salted caramel, almond, chocolate ganache, and cocoa nibs
  • Poppy - raspberry and Sicillian pistachio
  • Camélia - yuzu, gin, and hazlenut


  • Macaron
  • Bonbon au Chocolat
  • Petit Choux
  • Seasonal Fruits

La Forêt Singapore MignardisesPhoto from La Forêt

Interestingly, the mignardises are served on trays that resemble chess boards, and amidst the fanciful floral setting, this brings to mind Alice in Wonderland.

La Forêt Singapore teaPhoto from La Forêt Singapore

You’ll also get your choice of 1 premium tea served in a pot. Instead of standard flavours like English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Camomile and what have you, you’ll be given floral-based options of Jasmine Rose, Lily Rose, Chrysanthemum, Osmanthus, and Roselle - all of which are lighter on the palate and help balance out the complex sweetness of the desserts.

La Forêt Singapore DessertsPhoto from La Forêt

If the desserts aren’t enough to satiate your sweet tooth, opt for an add-on for the Rose (almond, cherry, pavlova, and dark chocolate) and Mandala (milk chocolate, passionfruit, and banana) which come as a pair for $28. Alternatively, get them for free with any bottle of sparkling tea, wine, or champagne purchased (from $70).

La Forêt Singapore afternoon tea setPhoto from La Forêt


Other a la carte drinks on the menu include coffee (from $4), aesthetically-pleasing cocktails ($11 to $15), and the Pink-A-Blue mocktail ($10), an unusual blend of coconut, lemon, and lavender.

Oh yes, great news for overly-attached paw-rents: La Forêt welcomes pets, and unlike other pet-friendly cafes in Singapore that may only have al fresco zones for animals, they’re more than happy to have your dog or cat sitting indoors, in the comfort of air-conditioning. However, pets are only allowed on weekdays, so you might have to take leave for that fur-date.

La Forêt SingaporePhoto from @hey.hungryhyenas via Instagram

All desserts are crafted in pairs, whereby a set for 2 people costs $98 ($49 each). You’re still welcome in an odd-numbered squad, but you’ll have to make a top up of $58 per additional person. Simply put, a set for 3 would cost $156, which would work out to a slightly higher price of $52 per pax before GST and service charge.

La Forêt SingaporePhoto from La Forêt

Check out La Forêt’s afternoon tea prices, menu, and reservation page here.

La Forêt
Address: 5B Portsdown Road, #01-04, Singapore 139311
Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday: 12pm - 5pm (Closed on Monday & Tuesday)
Telephone: 9839 3877

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