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Gong cha x Chupa Chups: 3 New Candy-Flavoured Bubble Teas That Come With Free Lollipops

Gong cha x Chupa Chups: 3 New Candy-Flavoured Bubble Teas That Come With Free Lollipops

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By Jayme on 03 Dec 2022
Digital Editor

Calling all boba lovers! Childhood lollipop Chupa Chups is now available in bubble tea form at all Gong cha outlets in Singapore. These three new drinks come in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla options and look and taste like their hard-candied versions! Each one also comes with a free lollipop, making your BBT runs a lot sweeter. 


Gong Cha x Chupa ChupsPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Very Vanilla

Gong Cha x Chupa Chups - Very VanillaPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

As its name implies, Very Vanilla tastes very much like vanilla milk. The flavour of this drink is really light, and the tea aftertaste is not as strong, perfect for those who prefer a much subtle and less sweet taste to their bubble tea. 

So Choco

Gong Cha x Chupa Chups - So ChocoPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

So Choco, on the other end, is a chocolatey beverage that tastes a little like Milo at the start, followed by a hint of tea at the end. It has a creamy texture, like most iced chocolate drinks, but isn’t too overly sweet, so people with and without a sweet tooth would enjoy this combination. 

Berry Bliss

Gong Cha x Chupa Chups - Berry BlissPhoto from GirlStyle Singapore

Berry Bliss is the strawberry version of the lollipop. Like So Choco, it has a good balance between the sweet berry flavour and green tea taste. It also has strawberry puree bits added to it, which make a deliciously chewy treat to the drink. 

Priced at $6.90 each, all Gong cha x Chupa Chups drinks are available from now until mid-January 2023 and come only in medium size. Do note that these drinks don’t come with toppings, too, as they would alter the original taste of the lollipop flavours. 

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