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These Luxury Hair Care Sets Will Give You A Good Hair Day This Holiday Season

These Luxury Hair Care Sets Will Give You A Good Hair Day This Holiday Season

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By Shairah on 30 Nov 2022
Project Editor

What is it about the holidays that can be so stressful? It may be the “most wonderful time of the year” but all those late nights, festive feasting, and travelling can wreak havoc on your health.

Hair, in particular, is most susceptible to stress, ultimately leading to scalp irritation, thinning or even hair loss. No one wants to end the year on a bad note – and certainly not with bad hair. So if the stress of the season has you tearing your hair out (pun intended), why not turn to the hair experts at PHS HAIRSCIENCE?

PHS HAIRSCIENCE believes that every part of our body is interconnected; what affects your mind, body or hair affects one another. That’s why they have adopted a holistic approach to offer research-based salon treatments and at-home professional hair care products. The end result? Hair that’s healthy on a cellular level.

Read on to discover 4 luxury hair care sets that will give you a good hair day this festive season!



For those who need an extra-pampering treat

Hair Holidays Haircare Set (For All Scalp/Hair Types), $185Photo from PHS HAIRSCIENCE

Whether it is for your Mum, Dad, siblings or significant other, there’s no better gift than the gift of good hair. Shiny, healthy locks…who doesn’t want that?

If you know someone who struggles with bad hair days, the Hair Holidays Haircare Set is the perfect present as it is suitable for all scalp and hair types. It contains a special curation of PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s best-sellers: the ADV Elixir, ADV Nutrition Shampoo, ADV Nutrition Conditioner, and ADV Nutrition Tonic.

The ADV Elixir is a powerful serum that exfoliates, rebalances, and restores scalp health in just a few drops. As the crucial first step of your hair regime, it primes your scalp using potent ingredients such as green tea leaf and Panax ginseng root extracts to help your scalp absorb vital nutrients from subsequent products. Psst…we’ve tried this Elixir before and we’re impressed how it gave us a healthier-looking scalp in just two weeks!

For the next two steps, apply the ADV Nutrition Shampoo, an essential daily shampoo that strengthens the scalp’s natural protective barrier, followed by the ADV Nutrition Conditioner that helps to reconstruct damaged hair cuticles for smooth and tangle-free hair. Finally, the ADV Nutrition Tonic is a restorative mix of plant stem cells and botanical actives like Swertia Japonica Extract that work to enhance scalp vitality and promote healthy hair growth.

For ladies

Hair Miracle Gift Set (For Her), $195.Photo from PHS HAIRSCIENCE


Women in particular seem to bear the brunt of seasonal stress. So what’s a girl to do when she’s faced with hair fall, thinning or *gasp* premature hair loss?

The aptly-named Hair Miracle Gift Set (For Her) promises to be the ultimate hair saviour set for those suffering from all these hair woes. It contains four of PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s top-selling products – each designed to get to the root of the problem.

As always, prep your scalp using the potent ADV Elixir. Follow it up with the FEM Fortify Shampoo, which is formulated with clinically proven botanicals, regenerative plant stem cells and actives such as walnut extract to strengthen hair follicles, restore scalp health and accelerate hair growth. The FEM Fortify Conditioner is the third step that strengthens hair fibres and prevents breakage. Finally, the FEM Fortify Tonic delivers vital nutrients like oat extracts and lotus stem cells to nourish and strengthen hair roots. 

To maximise the restorative effects of the Hair Miracle Gift Set, use the FEM Shampoo, Conditioner, and Tonic daily to build scalp resistance while minimising hair fall. Once a week is all you need for the ADV Elixir to thoroughly exfoliate even the most sensitive scalps.

For men

Hair Miracle Gift Set (For Him), $195. Photo from PHS HAIRSCIENCE

Hair loss is common in most men. By age 35, approximately 40% of men suffer from visible hair loss and that figure jumps to 65% by the age of 60. That’s why preventative hair care is needed to fight the effects of hair loss.

The four-piece Hair Miracle Gift Set (For Him) comprises two pieces of the HOM Fortify Shampoo, a potent scalp shampoo and cleanser specially formulated for men with mild hair loss and thinning or those who want to prevent premature hair loss. It contains botanicals and actives such as rice stem cells and sweet flag extract to strengthen the scalp, promote blood circulation, and block DHT formation around the hair follicles. Similarly, the HOM Fortify Tonic promises to deliver vital nutrients like rosemary and soybean extracts to the hair roots for fuller-looking hair. Rounding off the gift set is the powerful ADV Elixir that restores scalp health to support healthy hair growth.

For your loved ones

Hair Holidays Deluxe Gift Set, $185.Photo from PHS HAIRSCIENCE

The Hair Holidays Deluxe Gift Set will be a crowd-pleasing gift for anyone on your shopping list. Specially designed for the holidays, it contains all of PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s top picks: the ADV Elixir, ADV Nutrition Shampoo, and ADV Argan Oil Hair Mask.

No hair regime would be complete without the ADV Elixir as an important step to rebalance and prep the scalp to absorb vital nutrients. The ADV Nutrition Shampoo is an essential daily shampoo that’s formulated with a special blend of five natural, botanical ingredients: Honey Locust, Chinese Cucumber, Marsh Parsley, Angelica Dahurica Root Extract, and Adzuki Bean. Together, this Patent 5 Complex effectively purifies the scalp, unclogs hair follicles, and restores scalp moisture balance for stronger, healthier hair. Follow it up with the ADV Argan Oil Hair Mask, a super rich hair mask infused with pure argan oil. Not only does it prevent hair breakage and split ends, it also improves hair elasticity.

Special gifts & promotions

Buy any of the exclusive Christmas gift sets from 1 to 12 December and receive a free floral pouch and a 15ml Argan oil (worth $25). Between 13 to 25 December, you can also get a $15 PHS HAIRSCIENCE product voucher (for your next purchase) when you buy a Christmas gift set.

PHS HAIRSCIENCE’s Christmas gift sets range from $185 to $195. Discover more gift ideas at PHS HAIRSCIENCE online.

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