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7-Eleven Singapore Launches New 7-Select Burgers Under $4

7-Eleven Singapore Launches New 7-Select Burgers Under $4

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By Karmen on 24 Nov 2022
Digital Editor

7-Eleven Singapore is on a roll this month! After launching an adorable Disney merchandise collection and opening their first-ever 7Café, they're back with another treat - five new 7-Select burgers.


7-Select Xtra Spicy Fried Chicken Burger ($3.50)

7-Eleven Xtra Spicy Fried Chicken BurgerPhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

Spice lovers, this one's for you! Made from tender chicken thighs, the extra spicy patty also comes in an extra-large size.

P.S. you might be interested in their 11 spicy ready-to-eat meals under $6 which comes in five spice levels.

7-Select Chicken Sausage with Omelette Burger ($3)

7-Eleven Chicken Sausage with Omelette BurgerPhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

Nothing beats the classic sausage & egg breakfast burger! This one boasts a succulent chicken sausage patty topped with fluffy omelette and cheese.


7-Select Fish Burger ($3.50)7-Eleven Classic Fish Burger

7-Eleven Singapore

This hearty burger features a white fish patty covered in crispy breadcrumb with cheese, diced onions and mayonnaise.

7-Select Ebi Burger ($3.70)

7-Eleven Ebi BurgerPhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

Another seafood option is this burger with breaded shrimp patty topped with tangy tartar sauce.

7-Select Teriyaki Chicken Burger ($3.50)

7-Eleven Teriyaki Chicken BurgerPhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

Lastly is this umami burger with a juicy chicken patty doused in sweet and salty teriyaki sauce.

These new burgers join the current line-up of burgers: Cheesy Beef Burger ($3.20), Cheesy Chicken Burger ($3), Spicy Chicken Burger ($3.20) and Scrambled Egg Burger with Chicken Sausage ($3).

7-Eleven burgersPhoto from 7-Eleven Singapore

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