Do You Have Anxiety Or Depression? This New App Aims To Help Your Mental Health

Do You Have Anxiety Or Depression? This New App Aims To Help Your Mental Health

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By Shairah on 02 Dec 2022
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When it comes to mental health issues like anxiety or depression, there are many ways to help you cope such as medication, therapy, good nutrition, and even a self-care routine. These days, as technology continues to evolve, apps have also become a helpful tool – especially if you’re too nervous or intimidated to seek help in person. 

FreeMe is one such app that aims to help break the stigma of depression. With the understanding that it can be difficult to speak about mental health issues, this app aims to help sufferers seek help freely and anonymously any time, anywhere. It is a free desktop and mobile app with an SOS function; with just a click of a button, users can seek help from others who are online, 24/7.

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Main function and features

FreeMe offers a variety of features – ranging from the SOS function to meet-and-chat features where you can connect with other users across the globe.

Its highlight feature is HELPME. Whenever users are in need of a listening ear, they can click on the “Help Me” button, triggering a red circle surrounding their display picture. They will then be added to a list of users that require help and then connected to someone they can speak to. The main plus points of the HELPME function are anonymity and convenience: users can be assured that their identities will be kept hidden, and that they can seek help 24/7.

FreeMe is also a way for you to connect with other like-minded people from all over the world. MEET is a friend-making function on the app where you can make new friends through mutual matching. You can even narrow your search with the Age Group, Country and Gender filters. Every successful match rewards you with points – which you can accumulate and use to redeem prizes.

Once you are matched with another user, it’s time to connect! The CHATME function allows you to start a conversation with your new friend.

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Premium benefits

To level up your FreeMe experience, you can become a premium member to enjoy additional features and extra benefits. For instance, REWARDME allows premium subscribers to use their accumulated points to redeem special prizes such as gift cards, vouchers, game consoles, power banks and wireless Bluetooth speakers. 

Other benefits of being a premium subscriber include three free instant matches per month, ten points for every instant match, unlimited app support and an automatic entry into the monthly lucky draw.

A lucky draw, you ask? That’s right! Every month, FreeMe has a lucky draw exclusively for premium subscribers. During FreeMe’s Chinese New Year draw (taking place on 22 January 2023), you stand a chance to win prizes such as a digital door and gate lock bundle worth approximately $1,500.

To subscribe to FreeMe, you can choose between a one-month ($10.90), two-month ($16.99) and three-month ($26.99) payment plan.

Take the first step and take charge of your mental health by downloading FreeMe. Available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. For more information, visit

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