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Why Our Local Men Go To 'Thai Discos' And Look For Thai Girlfriends.  We Find Out!

Why Our Local Men Go To 'Thai Discos' And Look For Thai Girlfriends. We Find Out!

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By christinelai on 26 Aug 2018

It's an open secret. Many Singaporeans actually do love to go to Thai Discos or Siam Dius. But to look for a girlfriend there??? Really?  We realise it's more common than we actually think! What is the charm and attraction of these ladies?





AsiaOnePhoto from AsiaOne



For the uninitiated, Thai discos or Siam Dius are nightclubs where the girls, also known as 'Siam Bus' stand in a row and take turns to sing and dance on the stage. If the customer takes a liking to her, he can buy her a garland of flowers and someone will hang it on her.




The Straits TimesPhoto from The Straits Times



As a token of thanksgiving, the lady will then have to go down the stage after her turn and have a drink/play dice with the customer who gave her the garland. Garlands may cost a few thousands of dollars.


The ladies will sway and sashay on stage to the pulsating beats of EDM music or 'man yao' and are usually scantily clad.




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A typical scene will see these women playing drinking games/dice with groups of (lonely) men while they enjoy their cheap/diluted beer and chicken wings.







These girls are not limited to Thai, but some come from Vietnam, China and even Korea too!


The 'chosen' girl does not need to have physical intimacy with him. If she likes him enough, it could be limited to just a kiss on the cheek, if not he gets to put his hand around her waist.


TukuoPhoto from Tukuo




"Eh, but very waste money leh. I pay a few thousand dollars to hang flowers on her but I don't even get to sleep with her."



Lamented a guy friend once. He was completely missing the point. There is a certain thrill, of knowing that you can't have the girl so easily. Which explains why our men shell out tons of money just for that one girl.




That's why they say human beings are 'Fan Jian' (Translated as : You always desire something you cannot have)



Rice MediaPhoto from Rice Media



However, some girls may offer 'special' services in a bid to earn more.




Thai disco girls might have unfortunately gotten a bad reputation of being materialistic and only trying to "suck men dry" of money.



But is it possible to find true love in a Thai Disco? Some (or many) of our local men that we interviewed seem to think so! Despite their 'shady' reputation, a quite a huge number of our men still opt to date Thai disco girls rather than our local women.



What is the attraction then?




TwitterPhoto from Twitter



One of our friends, who dates only Thai Disco girls tells us that they are generally simpler and more easygoing, as compared to Singaporean girls. 




They seem to have this innate ability to make a man feel good and they are always smiling. 



The Urban WirePhoto from The Urban Wire



"I think these Thai girls are better. They are cheerful and less demanding. Unlike Singaporean girls who are way too demanding and expect too much. If I can't meet their expectations, then they show me a black face."




It seems that Thai girlfriends also treat their boyfriends better than Singaporean girls.


"They are more submissive. They make me feel good."



ParamountPhoto from Paramount




"SG girls expect too much. My Thai girlfriend expects very little from me. I give her something simple and she is already happily. She makes me feel like I have done a great thing for her. Singaporean girls just complain and don't appreciate."



Hmmmmm....perhaps we local girls can take a cue here?



A friend also once recounted a story about a Thai girl he met at Neverland and eventually got together with her.



Freefromg.comPhoto from




"She would peel prawns not just for me....but my whole table of friends. Everyone said it felt very SHIOK."



I don't know if Singaporean girls would cringe to hear that. Though we feel it might not be completely fair to stereotype all Singaporean and Thai girls as being a certain way just because of their nationality!



Many of the Singaporean men we interviewed also say that Singaporean girls are far more high maintenance then their Thai disco girlfriends. Everything needs to be branded. Thai girls ar far simpler in tastes and do not ask for much.



FlickrPhoto from Flickr



Can we really blame our local girls? Many are powerful and highly educated, which explains why they might have higher expectations.



Perhaps these men just like the idea of taking care of these Thai girls. It makes them feel good and can be a great boost to their ego.







" I don't think its a bad idea to date these girls. I give them money and they can send the money home to their families. I help them and they are grateful to me and show their gratitude." recounts Jonah.




Maybe they just like the feeling where the girl feels indebted to them, therefore she will do whatever he asks her to?



Perhaps what these 'Siam Bus' offer is the concept of an "ideal girlfriend". But is this real or just a fantasy? While we don't discount the fact there might be legit cases, more often or not these girls eventually leave and return to their hometown, leaving a wake of disappointed men pining after them.



OnyxPhoto from Onyx



Our friend even went as far as to buy an air ticket to chase the girl all the way to her hometown in Thailand but was flatly rejected once he was there.



The harsh reality is that most of them are here just to earn the money and they go home.



However as we said, it's unfair to do stereotyping just based on nationalities.



It seems that the traits that our local men (or all men?) go for are similar. They find these Thai Disco Ladies attractive because of their pleasant, obliging nature and possibly because they tend to be more grateful and less demanding than our local girls.(not to say there aren't Singaporean girls who are like this)



Hype & StuffPhoto from Hype & Stuff



Or maybe these Thai Discos and 'Siam Dus' offer our local Singaporean men a respite, an alternative world to escape away from the mundane reality of work life. Singapore is, after all, a stressful place to live in!


Just maybe.



In the light of this, perhaps the biggest lesson we can take away for both guys and girls, Singaporean or Thai should be, never to take our partners for granted. Anyone can be a good girlfriend or boyfriend too, as long as you are willing to make the effort!


True love in Thai discos? What are your thoughts?


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