5 Reasons Why This Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Is A Must-Have For All Paw-rents!

5 Reasons Why This Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Is A Must-Have For All Paw-rents!

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By Sophie Hong on 13 Oct 2022
Senior Editor

Shopping for a new cordless vacuum cleaner? Then let us introduce you to the newly-launched BOSCH Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaners, which filtrate up to 99.9% of dust particles and give you 40 minutes of uninterrupted runtime on a full battery (5 hours of charging). FYI, the battery is also exchangeable, which allows for an even longer runtime on days when you’re doing a thorough cleaning! 

We also love that these cordless vacuum cleaners match the performance of a corded vacuum cleaner, but with added flexibility - especially when it comes to cleaning hard-to-reach places. 

If you have a furry companion at home, then all the more you should consider getting a BOSCH Unlimited 7. There are three models under this range, including the ProAnimal model, which is designed to make life easier for paw-rents. 

From a special nozzle that hoovers up furballs more effectively, to various attachments that’ll reach even the trickiest of nooks and crannies, the BOSCH Unlimited 7 ProAnimal cordless vacuum cleaner makes cleaning up easy and fuss-free, so you have more time to spend with your beloved pets. 

Read on to find out more about the Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaners from BOSCH! 

#1 The special nozzle of ProAnimal removes pet hair without tangling

 Photo from BOSCH

Getting fur all over your floor and furniture is inevitable when you have a pet. The nozzle of the Unlimited 7 ProAnimal comes with two different rows of bristles, making it more effective at picking up pet hair from all sorts of surfaces. The brush rollers are also 70% larger in diameter than the previous model, which reduces tangling and makes it easier to clean - perfect for those with long-haired pets that shed a lot, like Golden Retrievers or Ragdolls! 

#2 You can vacuum under furniture easily with the Flex Tube

 Photo from BOSCH

Hands up if you always forget to vacuum under your furniture. We don’t blame you, because the extra hassle of bending down and maneuvering a stiff vacuum cleaner in low spaces can be such a literal pain. This pain point is completely removed in the Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaners, thanks to the Flex Tube which allows you to vacuum at an angle. It’s so easy to activate too - just push the clasp on the back to release, and click it back to straighten the tube.  No bending down required! 

Along the same vein, the Nozzle Foot Release allows you to detach the floor nozzle from the telescopic tube without the need to bend down. There’s also the Quick Stand feature, which allows the telescopic tube and floor nozzle to stand on their own while you use the handheld vacuum to do surface cleaning, for example. If you’re looking for a truly seamless cleaning experience, this is it. 

#3 Versatile attachments allow you to clean all sorts of surfaces and hard-to-reach areas

 Photo from BOSCH

While we love our furry pals, they have a penchant for getting fur everywhere. Luckily, the Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaners come with three different attachments to keep your house spick and span. There’s an upholstery nozzle for your sofa and other soft furnishings, a 2-in-1 furniture brush for delicate surfaces and small upholstered furniture, as well as a long and flexible crevice nozzle for tight spaces. The ProAnimal model also comes with a flexible extension hose, which makes cleaning up so much more ergonomic. Just FYI, this flexible hose isn’t included with the other Unlimited 7 models but can be purchased from BOSCH’s Customer Service Centre separately. 

#4 You can rest the vacuum anywhere with the Easy Parking Clip

 Photo from BOSCH

Sometimes your fur kid just does something so darn cute that you need to put everything down to pet them. The Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaners come with an Easy Parking Clip, which allows you to rest your vacuum securely on any ledge or surface while you take five. No need to worry about it falling over while you scratch your pet’s belly! 

#5 Empty the dustbox easily, and no need to wash the filter!

 Photo from BOSCH

If you’ve always dreaded emptying your vacuum cleaner because of the mess, you can rest easy with the Unlimited 7. The dustbox can be completely removed from the motor, which allows you to dispose of the content securely in the bin with a minimal dust cloud. As for the filter, all you need to do is turn the in-built red wheel to dislodge any dust or fur. It doesn’t get any easier than this!  

The Unlimited 7 cordless vacuum cleaners are available at all major electronic stores. 

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