This Fancy Coffeeshop In Ang Mo Kio Sells IG-Worthy & Hearty Breakfast Sets, Starting From Just $8.90 Nett

This Fancy Coffeeshop In Ang Mo Kio Sells IG-Worthy & Hearty Breakfast Sets, Starting From Just $8.90 Nett

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By Sophie Hong on 29 Aug 2022
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People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and we wholeheartedly agree. Firstly, a hearty breakfast will fuel you throughout a busy morning, allowing you to remain energised and productive. Secondly, breakfast also provides us with a precious pocket of time which we can spend bonding with our loved ones before our daily schedules take over. This is why we’re always on the lookout for great breakfast spots in Singapore

For those staying or working in the Ang Mo Kio area, here’s a breakfast place to take note of - Tenderbest at Kedai Kopi. This western stall nestled in the Muslim-friendly coffeeshop has just launched 5 premium breakfast menu items and we have to say, they definitely match up to the quality of cafe food. The ambience isn’t lacking either, as the newly-opened coffeeshop is designed in a way that feels fresh and modern, with plenty of light and ventilation to make for a comfortable dining experience. 

So if you’re looking for delicious, hearty breakfasts at pocket-friendly prices, definitely hit up Kedai Kopi in Ang Mo Kio! 

Read on for more details on the new premium breakfast menu items from Tenderbest!

#1 Perfect Start, $10.90

Perfect Start, $10.90, Tenderbest.Photo from Kedai Kopi

This hearty plate has plenty of proteins and carbs, which is great for those who need to load up for a busy day ahead. There’s a slice of fragrant garlic bread topped with fluffy scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, chicken ham, baked beans and hash browns fried to a perfect golden crisp. Mmmmm. 

#2 Hunny Bee, $8.90

Hunny Bee, $8.90, Tenderbest.Photo from Kedai Kopi

Start your weekend mornings on a sweet note with a stack of light fluffy pancakes topped with a generous lashing of golden honey. The meal is completed with slices of turkey bacon, a crispy hash brown, baked beans and a refreshing green salad on the side. 

#3 The Baller, $9.90

The Baller, $9.90, Tenderbest.Photo from Kedai Kopi

Can’t get enough of meatballs? Then you’d love this breakfast set aptly named The Baller, which comes with four Swedish meatballs, a sunny side-up sitting atop a lightly toasted slice of garlic bread, accompanied by the usual breakfast fixings such as hash browns, baked beans and turkey bacon.

#4 Meaty Mike, $9.90

Meaty Mike, $9.90, Tenderbest.Photo from Kedai Kopi

You can’t go wrong with Meaty Mike if you’re a huge carnivore. You’ll get a succulent grilled chicken patty with slices of turkey bacon and chicken ham, accompanied by crispy hash browns, baked beans, a sunny side-up and a slice of garlic toast. Vegans, look away.

#5 Eggcellent, $8.90

Eggellent, $8.90, Tenderbest.Photo from Kedai Kopi

For those who prefer something lighter, there’s the Eggcellent set, which swaps out the proteins for a fluffy omelette. The set still comes with a chicken patty, hash browns, garlic bread, baked beans and green salad, so those with a smaller stomach will still be satiated without falling into a food coma. 

For now, these breakfast sets are only available at the Tenderbest stall in Kedai Kopi Ang Mo Kio. They will also be available at Tenderbest (Bishan Interchange) from Sep 1, so folks who stay or work at Bishan can look forward to savouring these delicious breakfast sets too!

The Tenderbest breakfast sets are sold daily from 8-10:30am. Available for dine-in, takeaway and delivery on GrabFood & Foodpanda. 

Tenderbest - Kedai Kopi Ang Mo Kio
108 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, Singapore 560108
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