Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2022: New Haunted Houses, Laser Tag & Dining Experiences

Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2022: New Haunted Houses, Laser Tag & Dining Experiences

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By Karmen on 12 Aug 2022
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Halloween Horror Nights is back at Universal Studios Singapore for its 10th edition! Held from 30 September to 5 November, visitors will be in for a scare-fest while they explore three haunted houses and two scare zones. There's also a laser-tag challenge, horror-themed dining and a behind-the-scenes experience.

Experience a Laser-Tag Challenge

Participants are taken deep into a facility where the world's deadliest criminals serve out their sentence. Teams of five will have to solve twisted puzzles to escape the clutches of the blood-thirsty villains.

Guests can enjoy this thrilling experience with an add-on price of $38.

Die-ning with the Dead

This horror-themed meal is paired with a comically cryptic journey into the other realm by the Spirit Medium and his creepy Henchmen, in search of the fabled MissFortune.

The dining experience at KT’s Grill is available with a $105 top-up.

Monsters & Manifestations

Guests will go on a tour hosted by The Keeper, where they can witness the magic behind various technical and sensorial effects, enjoy some photo ops and a spooky performance.

This experience can be enjoyed with an add-on price of $38.

Three Haunted Houses

#1 Killustrator: The Final Chapter

Killustrator The Final Chapter Haunted HousePhoto from Resorts World Sentosa

A lonely, crazed and Halloween Horror Nights-obsessed artist produces content for his social media fans, constantly trying to outdo himself with more horror and gore. For his latest venture, watch him bring fan-favourite Halloween Horror Nights moments back to life in disturbing new stories.

#2 Operation: Dead Force


Operation Dead Force Haunted HousePhoto from Resorts World Sentosa

Years ago, world officials had a top-secret meeting to form Operation: Dead Force, the ultimate weapon against a Zombie Apocalypse. No outsiders have been allowed into the secure, undisclosed location which houses the Special Forces Against the Dead (S.F.A.D.), until now! A nerve agent which mutates living cells into dead cells has finally been created and the S.F.A.D. are looking to recruit. Help to defend the world against zombies, by becoming one!

#3 Hospitality of Horror

Hospitality of Horror Haunted HousePhoto from Resorts World Sentosa

A once glorious mansion built for Southeast Asia's then-richest tycoon and his favourite wife, it was eventually left abandoned for decades. After its restoration, the mansion has been repurposed as a hotel with attractive discounts for guests to stay the night to test out the hotel. But, you guessed it, the hotel has some unfinished stories of its own.

Two Scare Zones

#1 The Dark Zodiac

Dark Zodiac Scare ZonePhoto from Resorts World Sentosa

Decades have passed and the Horrorcle's prophesy is about to come true. As darkness descends, the Horrorcle rips the Dark Zodiacs from the skies and summons them to the sacrificial grounds of the fallen zodiac. To complete the prophesy, the Horrorcle must consume an offering from each Zodiac, filling her with necromantic power to reincarnate into their supreme leader, the 13th Zodiac.

#2 The Hunt for Pontianak

The Hunt for Pontianak Scare ZonePhoto from Resorts World Sentosa

A group of influencers venture deep into the Malaysian jungle for their most dangerous live stream challenge – to hunt and trap Southeast Asia's famed vicious spirit, the Pontianak.

The Universal Studios Singapore's Halloween Horror Nights 10 tickets can purchased online at rwsentosa.com/hhn at $78 for peak nights and $68 for non-peak nights per guest. The event will run across 19 event nights from 30 September to 5 November (13 peak nights + 6 non-peak nights).

If you're going in a group of four, go for the Frights for Four bundle deal of 4 tickets ($388 for peak nights and $338 for non-peak nights) which comes with perks including early entry to the park at 5pm and a Halloween Horror Nights set meal. For an even more exclusive experience, sign up for the R.I.P. Tour ($288 per guest), which includes Halloween Horror Nights Express Unlimited for haunted houses and rides, Die-ning with the Dead and Monsters & Manifestations. Guests can also enjoy many of the theme park’s exciting rides and attractions during event nights.

Enjoy savings with every two tickets booked when they pay with Mastercard® and save with every regular ticket booked for Maybank Singapore and Malaysia cardmembers.

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