I Did Hair “Botox & Fillers” - Here’s How It Helped To Smoothen My Dry, Frizzy Hair

I Did Hair “Botox & Fillers” - Here’s How It Helped To Smoothen My Dry, Frizzy Hair

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By Sophie Hong on 07 Jul 2022
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I have dry hair that is naturally wavy. That, coupled with Singapore’s humidity, means that my crowning glory is often frizzy as well. While certain at-home treatments help, my frizzy hair simply cannot be tamed for more than a day unless I do a salon treatment.

I recently went for a bob haircut, thinking that it’ll be perfect for our recent spate of hot weather only to realise that my frizzy hair is sticking out awkwardly at the ends. Plus, the lengths of my hair were texturized with thinning scissors, which adds to the frizz and is causing my bob to lose its intended shape as it grows out.

That’s when I was introduced to Chez Vous’ revolutionary Hair Botox & Fillers treatment, which promises to give me smooth, glossy and manageable hair that could last up to 4 months. It was launched back in 2017 to much fanfare, with beauty insiders touting it as the best hair treatment in Singapore for dry, frizzy or damaged hair. Earlier in 2022, this cult favourite hair treatment has been reformulated and improved, so you can expect even better results for healthy, frizz-free hair. 

Read on to find out more about Chez Vous’ Hair Botox & Fillers treatment! 

What is hair “botox”?

The hair “botox” at Chez Vous hair salon.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

A demi-permanent hair treatment, Chez Vous’ Hair Botox & Fillers basically injects your hair follicles with a high concentration of moisturising ingredients and amino acids. It is an all-in-one hair treatment as it repairs, hydrates and smoothens all at once. 

And here’s an interesting fact about this treatment: Chez Vous had specially developed it for Asian hair, because they found that protein-based keratin treatments tend to cause Asian hair textures to become stiff and unnaturally pin-straight, like the rebonded hairstyles we saw back in the early noughties. 

So instead of infusing your hair with only protein, this treatment balances it using tannic acids from the Acacia Negra tree and other moisturising powerhouses such as hyaluronic acid, shea butter, acai extract and coconut oil to fight frizz and add shine, resulting in tresses that are more natural-looking for Asians. Instead of noticing that you recently underwent a hair straightening treatment, your friends will be wondering how you’re blessed with a good hair day, every day! 

Getting Hair Botox & Fillers at Chez Vous

The hair “filler” and “botox” treatment that’ll be applied to your hair. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

After shampooing and towel-drying my hair, the first treatment is applied. It smells strongly of eggs because this hair protectant is formulated with 99% protein, but don’t worry - the fumes aren’t harmful at all because that’s just how protein smells and no formaldehyde is used in this product. If anything, this is a testament to just how potent the formula is!  

The first treatment purportedly plumps up hair follicles significantly to prep them for the first injection of moisturising ingredients, so out of sheer curiosity, I touched my hair after 30 minutes to see if I could feel a difference. True enough, my hair strands felt thicker and heavier - almost as if they were plumped up with fillers. 

The injection of hair “botox”.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Then came the “botox”. The shot came from a vial (not unlike real botox), which I was told contains enough active ingredients for 10 hair masks! A few millimetres of this potent moisturising cocktail was then mixed into a concoction of shea butter, virgin coconut oil, acai extract and more, which intensely hydrates my hair and locks in all that moisturising goodness for long-lasting smoothness. 

My hair was processed for about 45 minutes, after which my hair was flat-ironed to seal in the treatment. I thought that marked the end of it but no - another shot of “botox” was applied to my hair, followed by another round of blow-drying. Considering the potency of the ingredients used and the number of times Chez Vous layers the nourishing ingredients in your hair, I would say you really are getting your money’s worth with this Hair Botox & Fillers treatment! 

The second application of hair “botox”. At this point, I could already see a visible difference - my hair is much smoother and shinier.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

After that, it’s another round of rinsing, hair masque, and then a final quick rinse. My hair was then blown dry and tadah - my bob is now sleek, smooth and frizz-free, even after I had stepped out of the salon’s air-conditioned comfort and into Singapore’s muggy weather. 

Why choose Chez Vous

The before was a hot frizzy mess that made my colleague question whether I had just tumbled out of bed. But after the treatment and blow drying my hair using fingers only (no brushing or flat ironing), my hair is now smooth, shiny and well-behaved! Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

The number one thing I look out for in hair treatments is efficacy, and I’d say that Chez Vous’ Hair Botox & Fillers treatment definitely scores full marks in that aspect. After the treatment, I was given detailed instructions on how to blowdry my hair to re-activate the treatment with heat, as well as how to make the results last longer (avoid chlorine pools, and use sunscreen on my hair if I’m spending a day out in the sun). 

As for the aftercare, I was recommended to use the moisture and control shampoo and conditioner from Oribe (available for purchase at Chez Vous), based on my hair type. It felt like the salon really cares for their customers - the treatment is understandably, priced on the higher end, but the salon will help you make it last for as long as possible. 

A full-sized shampoo and conditioner set from Oribe, recommended by Chez Vous as part of the aftercare. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Another thing I love about the service level at Chez Vous is the attention to detail. At the start of my treatment, associate director Readen actually gave my bob a trim because he felt that my ends were too thinned out for the end results to show properly, and even cut it in such a way that no matter where I choose to part my hair, it’ll all be at the same length. 

Besides that, since you can expect to spend up to two and a half hours in the chair, the salon does its best to make sure that you’re comfortable. Throughout my treatment, I was offered drinks, snacks and even a phone charger and access to Wi-Fi so I won’t be bored. It’s really the little details that make all the difference! 

I’ve spent a week with my “botoxed” hair and I’ve got to say, my hair remains frizz-free and well-behaved with hardly any effort on my part. All I need to do is blow dry my hair after every wash to maintain my smooth and straight locks. As you can tell from the picture below, the treatment maintained my hair’s natural volume, so the straightening effect still looks very natural. 

One week post-treatment.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Chez Vous’ Hair Botox & Filler hair treatment ranges from $375 to $505, depending on your hair length. Book your appointment now by calling 6732 9388, sending a WhatsApp to 9819 8663 or email [email protected]

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