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5 New Ice Cream Launches In Singapore Includ. Secret Code To Get Free Ice Cream & Gifts W. Purchase

5 New Ice Cream Launches In Singapore Includ. Secret Code To Get Free Ice Cream & Gifts W. Purchase

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By Karmen on 15 Jun 2022
Digital Editor

'Tis the season for new ice cream flavours, it seems! This June, you can satisfy your sugar cravings with five all-new ice creams from Ben & Jerry's, Udders and Häagen-Dazs.


#1 Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra Core

Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra Core ice creamPhoto from Ben & Jerry's

Ben & Jerry's new Karamel Sutra Core ($13.90) has a soft caramel core encircled by chocolate and caramel ice cream, with fudge chips adding a finishing indulgent touch.

Its unusual name came about in 2001 when New York Times reporter Abby Ellin toured Ben & Jerry's headquarters and created her own flavour naming it - you guessed it - "Karamel Sutra".

Karamel Sutra Core is wonderful enjoyed on its own and is also the perfect ingredient for creating cocktails. Check out this recipe for the Grow A Pear cocktail, which was specially curated by one of the world's top bartenders, Peter Chua:

Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra Core Grow A Pear cocktail recipePhoto from Ben & Jerry's

#2 Häagen-Dazs Watermelon & Strawberry


Häagen-Dazs Watermelon & Strawberry ice creamPhoto from Häagen-Dazs

The Watermelon & Strawberry flavour pint ($14.50) is a refreshing watermelon ice-cream with swirls of sweet strawberry sauce that has a hint of yuzu, plus bits of strawberry adding a fun texture.

It will also be available as a stickbar ($5.90) from late June. Perfect for enjoying on the go, this stick version has a coat of white chocolate and strawberry crunch around the ice cream.

#3 Häagen-Dazs Cherry & Blackberry

Häagen-Dazs Cherry & Blackberry ice creamPhoto from Häagen-Dazs

A limited edition newcomer, the Cherry & Blackberry pint ($14.50) is a sweet and tangy treat with a combination of cherry ice-cream and blackberry sauce.

Accompanying these two new Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavours is a series of merchandise made in collaboration with local artist Tiffany Lovage. Featuring her whimsical and vibrant illustrations, the merchandise can be redeemed when you hit a minimum spend on Häagen-Dazs products. Standout pieces include the adorable Sling Bag (min. $28 spend) in the shape of an ice cream pint and the reusable shopping bag (min. $18 spend).

Tiffany Lovage x Häagen-Dazs Reusable shopping bag and Sling BagPhoto from Häagen-Dazs

#4 Udders Coco Palawan

In an unlikely crossover, Sentosa and Udders Ice Cream are jointly launching two Golden Jubilee ice creams that are inspired by refreshing fruits found on the island, which was once home to a pineapple plantation, as well as coconut and mango trees planted by villagers then.

Udders Coco Palawan ice creamPhoto from Udders

It's no surprise then, that one of the new flavours is Coco Palawan ($5), a zesty ice cream with pineapples and coconuts finished with a hint of lime.

#5 Udders Mango Siloso

Udders Mango Siloso ice creamPhoto from Udders

The other new flavour is Mango Siloso ($5), a creamy mango ice cream made with top-grade Alphonso mangoes. And if that doesn't sound indulgent enough, each bite will also have a burst of sweetness from the natural pomelo pulp.

Udders has also jumped in on the secret code trend! Muster some courage to say "You, Me, and Sentosa's Golden Jubilee Ice Cream?" to the staff at Udders and redeem a free cup of the Golden Jubilee Ice Cream from 20 to 24 June 2022, while stocks last. This fun promotion will be held at Udders outlets in Singapore and two Sentosa retail outlets (FUN Shop Beach Plaza and Singapore Cable Car Gift Shop @ Imbiah) from 20 to 24 June 2022, 12 - 6pm, while stocks last.