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2022 Sanrio Character Ranking Results Are Out, Here Are The Top Global Picks & Singapore's Favourites

2022 Sanrio Character Ranking Results Are Out, Here Are The Top Global Picks & Singapore's Favourites

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By Rachel Yohannan on 14 Jun 2022
Senior Digital Editor

Fervent Sanrio fans should be familiar with the annual Sanrio Character Ranking - a global event where people from all over the world vote on their favourite characters from the Japanese cartoon franchise to see which of the hundreds make the top 80. The results for 2022 are out, and here are some of the hottest overall global picks ranked. But first, let’s take a look at the most well-loved Sanrio characters in Singapore.


2022 Sanrio Character Ranking - Singapore

Sanrio Character Ranking 2022 Singapore Top 3Photo from Sanrio

Turns out, Singaporeans love their doggy characters, with Cinnamoroll and Pompompurin coming in first and third, and Gudetama the lazy egg in second place. This was just a slight change from 2021’s ranking, where the top three were Pompompurin, Cinnamoroll, and Pochacco.

2022 Sanrio Character Ranking - unexpected favourites

Yoshikitty - Sanrio Character Ranking 2022Photo from Sanrio

Some unexpected winners appeared as part of other countries’ top three choices. Yoshikitty - a rock chick doppelganger of Hello Kitty based on real-life visual kei musician Yoshiki Hayashi - made the top three in Italy, Germany, France, Australia, and Thailand.

Show by Rock!! and AggretsukoPhoto from Sanrio


Show by Rock!! Is popular in South Korea, while Aggretsuko is loved in Brazil, Italy, and Spain.

2022 Sanrio Character Ranking - Global

Sanrio Character Ranking 2022Photo from Sanrio

Coming in at first place globally for the third year in a row is Cinnamoroll, who received a total of 2,896,171 votes. Following closely were Pompompurin and Kuromi, who scored 2,351,265 and 1,954,948 respectively.

Sanrio Character Ranking 2022 Top 3Photo from Sanrio

Classic characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, Little Twin Stars, and Pochacco are still in fans’ hearts - despite not clinching the top three spots. They are still part of the top 10, together with relatively newer friend Cogimyun, who made her debut in 2015. (Psst…check out our article on a Cogimyun-themed hotel in Tokyo!)

Sanrio Character Ranking 2022Photo from Sanrio

#1: Cinnamoroll
#2: Pompompurin
#3: Kuromi
#4: Pochacco
#5: My Melody
#6: Hello Kitty
#7: Little Twin Stars
#8: Hangyodon
#9: Cogimyun
#10: Tuxedosam

SanrioPhoto from Sanrio

#11: Kerokerokeroppi
#12: Bad Badtz-Maru
#13: Wish Me Mell
#14: Show By Rock!!
#15: Gudetama
#16: Ahirunopekkle
#17: Yoshikitty
#18: My Sweet Piano
#19: Kirimichan
#20: Corocorokuririn

Sanrio Character Ranking 2022Photo from Sanrio

Check out the full list of top 80 characters for 2022 via the official Sanrio Character Ranking website.

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