This $79 Oxygen Facial Gives You Glowing, Hydrated & Smooth Skin - Here’s Where To Get It

This $79 Oxygen Facial Gives You Glowing, Hydrated & Smooth Skin - Here’s Where To Get It

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By Sophie Hong on 31 May 2022
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Looking for a facial treatment that is effective and worth your hard-earned money? Then you don’t want to miss AsterSpring’s promotion for its Signature Facial Treatment Trial, where first-time customers can experience any of the professional skincare salon’s facial treatments (worth up to $320) at a wallet-friendly price of $79

Not sure which to go for? Allow us to recommend the Oxygenating Vitalzyme Treatment (U.P. $300), an oxygen facial that revitalises and detoxes skin, giving it a boost in clarity and radiance. The best part is that you can see the difference immediately, and it will give you the confidence to go #NoMakeup in the following weeks! 

Read on for more details on one of AsterSpring’s most popular facial treatments! 

AsterSpring Oxygenating Vitalzyme Facial Treatment

 Photo from AsterSpring

As its name suggests, the key function of this 75-minute treatment is to regulate healthy skin function by delivering pure oxygen to your epidermis. Why? The lack of oxygen is a contributing factor to dull and dehydrated skin that is more sensitive and slower to heal from damage. Not only that, dry or dehydrated skin is also prone to visible signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. 

 Photo from AsterSpring

Using a special facial machine, a powerful oxygen essence is applied to your skin using jets of pure oxygen. This is followed by a relaxing facial and shoulder massage by AsterSpring’s skincare therapist, so you not only get an effective facial but also a pampering treatment at the same time. Finally, the facial wraps up with an enzymatic bio-cellulose masque to seal in all of that oxygenating goodness and hydrate your skin. 

Immediately after this facial treatment, you can expect to see skin that is radiant, clear and smooth. On a deeper level, your skin’s cellular metabolism and energy are also renewed, which enhances your skin’s natural detoxification abilities. You’ll also get the added benefit of extra cellular protection from free radical damage from UV exposure and environmental aggressions.

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For the best results, it’s recommended that you do 4 sessions of the AsterSpring Oxygenating Vitalzyme Facial Treatment over the span of 3 months, and follow the recommended home care regimen with Dermalogica skincare products. 

Why choose AsterSpring?

 Photo from AsterSpring

When it comes to your face, it’s only natural to want to entrust it to professionals with a proven track record. With more than 36 years of experience and outlets across Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong, AsterSpring is a leading skincare salon you can trust for safe and effective facial treatments

You’ll be in good hands with AsterSpring’s highly-trained and professionally certified therapists, plus with the brand’s blend of cutting-edge technology with unique hand touch facial techniques, your skin concerns will be addressed holistically, making the results more obvious and long-lasting.

Get free Dermalogica samples after your facial at AsterSpring!

AsterSpring’s professional care for your skin doesn’t just end after you leave the salon. After your treatment, a skincare therapist will share an effective home care regimen using Dermalogica skincare products to maintain your skin’s optimum health. Plus, you’ll get free Dermalogica samples to bring home!

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PS: A secret code awaits!

AsterSpring has recently started their TikTok account - follow them to get first dibs on special promotions and offers! For the month of June, they are giving away a free Tisserand Essential Oil Roller Ball to those who know the secret password. This password is only revealed on TikTok, so definitely check it out if you’re going for a facial! 

Get glowing with AsterSpring’s Oxgenating Vitalzyme Facial Treatment at a promotional price of $79! Photo from AsterSpring

Whatsapp AsterSpring here to make an appointment now and start your journey towards great skin!

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