Can An Oral Spray Help With Keeping Your Skin Youthful And Moisturised? We Test It Out For 2 Weeks

Can An Oral Spray Help With Keeping Your Skin Youthful And Moisturised? We Test It Out For 2 Weeks

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By Sophie Hong on 28 May 2022
Senior Editor

If you haven’t started complementing your skincare routine with a beauty supplement yet, this is a sign that you should. A common one for 20-somethings to start on is a collagen supplement because that’s when your body starts to produce less collagen. 

Your body needs collagen to keep your skin healthy, and that includes maintaining your skin’s hydration and elasticity levels. That translates to a more youthful visage because your skin will look more radiant and have fewer wrinkles.  

There are many forms of collagen supplements out there, including collagen jelly, collagen drinks and collagen powder. For those who struggle with the taste of collagen supplements, or are simply pressed for time, there’s now an even more convenient way to consume your daily requirement of collagen - with the GlowMAX Collagen Oral Spray from LM Soelle

Read on for more information about GlowMAX Collagen Oral Spray! 

GlowMAX Collagen Oral Spray, $108 for 2 boxes (4 x 10ml bottles), LM Soelle (while stock lasts). Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

As its name suggests, the GlowMAX Collagen Oral Spray is a concentrated VERISOL® collagen in the form of a spray. All you need is 1ml a day, which works out to 8 sprays. It really doesn’t get more convenient than this, especially when you compare it to powder-type collagen supplements that have to be dissolved in water! 

I’ve tried different brands and forms of collagen supplements before and found that the taste of some of them can be a little off-putting. For those who have sensitive taste buds, this spray is a great alternative because you only need 1ml and it’s delivered in the form of a fine mist. If you aim the spray at the back of your throat, you won’t have to taste it as much compared to collagen supplements in the form of jelly or drink. 

For your daily dose of 3000mg of collagen, just spray 8 times and you’re done! Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

You might be wondering - how are a few drops of this collagen spray from LM Soelle enough to combat dehydrated and saggy skin? The secret lies in the collagen used because not all collagen is created equal. GlowMAX Collagen Oral Spray is formulated with VERISOL® collagen, a made-in-Germany patented ingredient that uses a special microencapsulation technology to deliver a higher concentration of collagen per dose. 

Using this technology, just 1ml of GlowMAX Collagen Oral Spray is all you need to get 3,000mg of collagen - which is the optimum amount you need to see improvements in your skin’s appearance. 

Not only that, but VERISOL® collagen has also been clinically proven to improve skin elasticity after 12 weeks and reduce the appearance of wrinkles for older women after 4 weeks of consumption. 

Besides 3000mg of collagen, every 1ml of GlowMAX Collagen Oral Spray also contains 80mg of vitamin C and 50mg of blueberry extract. These antioxidant-rich ingredients help to reduce inflammation and damage, while enhancing your skin’s ability to protect and repair itself. When paired with collagen, these active ingredients work synergistically to improve your skin’s health and delay skin aging from the inside out. 

After two weeks of using GlowMAX Collagen Oral Spray, I noticed my skin looking more radiant and supple. Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

I tried the collagen spray for myself and I’ve got to say - it really is the most fuss-free way of ensuring that my aging skin gets its daily dose of collagen. I typically do 8 sprays first thing in the morning and then go about my day. I like how refreshing the zesty mixed berry flavour is, plus I don’t have to worry about my diet because the formula is sugar-free

After two weeks, I noticed that not only does my skin look more glowy, but my nasolabial folds are also looking slightly more plumped. Someone even commented that I looked less haggard - my lifestyle habits haven’t changed one bit, so I’m going to assume that it’s thanks to the extra collagen boost! 

LM Soelle’s GlowMAX Collagen Oral Spray is retailing at $108 for 2 boxes (4 x 10ml bottles). Get it here.

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