6 Lipstick Looks We Cannot Wait To Wear Now That We Can Go Maskless Outdoors

6 Lipstick Looks We Cannot Wait To Wear Now That We Can Go Maskless Outdoors

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By Sophie Hong on 27 Apr 2022
Senior Editor

Finally! After two years of covering up, we can now ditch the mask… when we’re outdoors, that is. But still, little wins count and we can’t wait to start wearing trendy lip looks again now that there are more chances to show them off. 

A little lost on what’s trendy these days? Here’s a helpful guide to current lip trends so that you can stay updated and not get caught with a bold matte lip that is sooooo pre-pandemic. 

Read on for 6 trending lip looks to try in 2022!

#1 Contoured Lip

Photo from @huda/Instagram

Remember that time when everyone is overlining their lips a la Kylie Jenner? That’s been given an update in 2022. Earlier this year, beauty content creator Huda went viral on TikTok for her “bow and arrow lip lift”, which is basically a contouring hack that makes your lips look bigger without overlining. 

To break it down simply, use your contour to draw an upside-down arrow pointing to your Cupid’s Bow and a little bow underneath your lower lip. Then, dab a deep red lip colour in the shape of an arrowhead in the middle of your lower lip, and draw a straight line in the centre of your upper lip. And finally, apply a lip colour and blend it all out. Still confused? Just watch, it’s like magic. 

@hudabeauty The bow & arrow lip lift 💋 if you try this make sure to tag so we can repost #liphack #bowandarrrowliplift #hudabeauty #foryou #lipcontouring ♬ Killing Me - CRIM

Try: Ange Gardien Paris’ Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer

Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer, $28.80, Ange Gardien Paris.
Photo from Ange Gardien Paris

For this lip plumping hack, you’d need a creamy liquid lipstick that gives you a saturated colour with just one swipe and keeps your lips hydrated for a visibly plumped pout. The Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer range from Ange Gardien Paris gives you intense colour payoff, but without the dryness and discomfort that comes with matte liquid lipsticks. Formulated with acacia peptide and vitamin E, your lips will stay nourished and hydrated for the whole day. 

We’d recommend using shade 63 Mademoiselle for the centre of your lips, and shade 59 Candy Ruby for an all-round luscious pout that is long-lasting and transfer-resistant! 

Get it here.

#2 Colourful Eyes & Matching Bold Lip

Photo from @donny.davi/Instagram

Thanks to the teenagers of Euphoria, graphic and colourful looks are having a huge moment. And while the beauty gurus of yesteryear would tell you to tone down the lips if your eyes are heavily made up, the new makeup mantra seems to be “break all the rules”. So go ahead, draw attention to your eyes AND your lips with an equally bold lip colour. Or take it up a notch and use the same loud shade for both!

Try: Ange Gardien Paris’ Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer

Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer, $28.80, Ange Gardien Paris. Shades (left to right): 63 Mademoiselle, 65 Velvet Siren, 61 Valentine.
Photo from Ange Gardien Paris

For a fiery orange look that would complement any Y2K-style OOTD, try shade 63 Mademoiselle. Those who prefer a classic red lip would love shade 65 Velvet Siren, which is a deep shade of passionate red that is flattering on all skin tones. 

Our personal pick? Shade 61 Valentine, because not only would this shade of fuchsia be super striking on your lips, the pink tone totally works as an accent colour on your peepers, either as a splash or a graphic line. 

FYI, these lip lacquers can also double up as a blusher if you want to go for a bold monochromatic look - a little goes a long way because the formula is very pigmented! 

Get it here.

#3 Diffused Lip

Photo from @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Consider this an update to the popular two-toned K-beauty lip of the mid 2010s. You’ll get the same romantic just-bitten lip look, only this time, you’re creating a more subtle ombre by using only one lip colour and blending it out. 

Try: Ange Gardien Paris’ Velvet Cloud Lipstick in shade 97 French rose

Velvet Cloud Lipstick, $33.05, Ange Gardien Paris .
Photo from Ange Gardien Paris

There’s a fine line between a diffused lip and lipstick that needs reapplication. The key here is to create a smooth and even gradient and to achieve that, your lips need to be plump and hydrated, with no visible lines or cracks. 

For something like this, we’d recommend using the Velvet Cloud Lipstick from Ange Gardien Paris. Unlike traditional matte lipsticks, this bullet lippie has a velvety finish that blends like a dream, which makes it easier for you to create a diffused lip. 

On top of that, the rich matte formula is made with deeply hydrating plant-derived ingredients, allowing the lipstick to glide effortlessly over dry patches. This not only gives you a smooth application but also reduces the visible creases and fine lines on your lips. And don’t worry, despite being deeply nourishing, your lips will still remain matte, thanks to a special coating powder technology. 

Get it here.

#4 Vinyl Lip

Photo from @dojacat/Instagram

Fashion is currently going through a disco glam revival, so naturally beauty trends are getting a disco makeover as well. One trend that we can’t wait to wear is the vinyl lip - think lip gloss, but with more saturated colours instead of a sheer shade. 


Try: Ange Gardien Paris’ Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer

Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer, $28.80, Ange Gardien Paris.
Photo from Ange Gardien Paris

The problem is, high-shine lip colours can often get messy and fade really quickly, especially if you’re putting on and taking off your mask throughout the day. So here’s a cheat code: use a long lasting and transfer-resistant matte liquid lipstick like the Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer, which also gives you an intense colour payoff. Then, apply a thick layer of clear gloss over everything. This way, you minimise the transfer of colour and you’ll only need to reapply that layer of gloss when needed. 

Get it here.

#5 Coral Lip

Photo from jennierubyjane/Instagram

Coral is among the trending colours for Spring/Summer 2022, and that’s definitely a colour you can wear on your lips for an instant summer glow-up. But how do you choose a shade of coral that is flattering on Asian skin tones? Warmer corals work better for those with yellow undertones while cooler corals are more flattering for those with pink undertones. 

Try: Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer in shade 55 Morning Coral and 57 Honey Pumpkin

Shades (from left): 55 Morning Coral, 57 Honey Pumpkin.
Photo from Ange Gardien Paris

There are so many ways you can go about sporting a coral lip with these two shades - dab a little on the centre of your lips and blend it out for a lightly-stained lip look, or do a full swipe for a bold lip. Have sensitive skin? Don’t worry, these lip lacquers are free of parabens, skin-drying alcohol and fragrances. 

Get them here.

#6 Glitter Lip

Ange Gardien Paris
Photo from Ange Gardien Paris

History may be repeating itself with the Roaring Twenties, and the glitter mania is definitely one beauty trend that embodies the spirit of this era. Besides applying face jewels and glittery shades liberally on your face, you can also amp it up with a glittery lip that will definitely get people talking!

Try: Ange Gardien Paris’ Matte for Glitter Lipstick

Matte for Glitter Lipstick in shade 301 Kiss Bliss, $38.15, Ange Gardien Paris.
Photo from Ange Gardien Paris

What we love about this range of glitter lipstick is that it gives an already-bold lip another dimension without being too in-your-face. Using a glitter wrap technology, your lips will be wrapped in a matte lip colour with a subtle sheen of glitter that is sure to dazzle anyone who stands close enough. And with a limited edition casing designed by French Neue-Constructivism artist Antony Squizzato, this lipstick will look great on your vanity as well. 

Available in two shades: Kiss Bliss and Scarlet Rouge. Get them here

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La Royauté Hand Cream Set.
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La Royauté Coffre.
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Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer, $28.80 each (U.P. $39)

Colour Nurture Lip Lacquer.
Photo from Ange Gardien Paris

Velvet Cloud Lipstick, $33.05 each (U.P. $42)

Velvet Cloud Lipstick.
Photo from Ange Gardien Paris

Matte for Glitter Lipstick, $38.15 each (U.P. $49)

Matte for Glitter Lipstick.
Photo from Ange Gardien Paris

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