I Wore Leg Shaping Tights As Part Of My OOTD For A Week, & Was Surprised By How Comfortable And Stylish They Are

I Wore Leg Shaping Tights As Part Of My OOTD For A Week, & Was Surprised By How Comfortable And Stylish They Are

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By Sophie Hong on 14 Apr 2022
Senior Editor

Mention compression wear and the first thing that pops into mind is probably professional athletes. After all, it seems like the only people we see wearing those tight-fitting sportswear are pro cyclists, footballers and actors on a super strict workout regime to play a superhero. 

At least, that’s what I thought before I was introduced to SLIMWALK Compression Leggings. This shapewear brand from Japan addresses a problem that many modern women face - swollen, tired legs from housework and office work. You really don’t have to do much, just wear the compression leggings and go about your day as normal! 

Read on for more about SLIMWALK Compression Leggings! 

What is causing your swollen legs? 

 Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

First, let’s talk about why your legs swell. While it can be caused by health conditions such as obesity and even certain medications, most of us are experiencing swollen legs simply because we’re sitting down for long periods of time in front of our work computers. Gravity, plus inactivity,  causes fluid to build up, resulting in swollen legs. 

Another reason that can cause swollen legs is well, too much activity. A day of running errands and doing household chores means you’re on your feet for a good part of the day. Again, that can cause fluids to pool up in your legs, especially if you suffer from venous insufficiency (where your veins aren’t pumping blood as hard as they should) or have a higher level of estrogen (which happens during certain parts of your menstrual cycle). 

How SLIMWALK Compression Leggings work

Wearing SLIMWALK Compression Leggings for Day and Night.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Like any other compression wear, SLIMWALK Compression Leggings work by applying moderate pressure to your legs, encouraging better circulation and blood flow. Think of it as getting a gentle massage while on the go! Not only does this prevents fluid from building up, but it also helps you to maintain shapely legs. And with a gradual compression design developed by medical professionals, you can rest assured that the leggings are completely safe. 

What I also liked about these compression leggings is that they are so easy to incorporate into my daily life and wardrobe. There are many variations available, but my go-to is the SLIMWALK Compression Leggings (Long) for day and night use. The non-descript black tights are super easy to style - just pair them with your favourite casual tops; throw on an oversized shirt and you’re ready to head out for Sunday brunch. 

Wearing SLIMWALK Compression Leggings for Day and Night.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

As someone who bloats easily, especially when there are shifts in my hormone levels, my initial worry was that compression tights might get too uncomfortable after a few hours of wear. But thanks to its drawstring waist, I was able to loosen the waistband as needed. I could even wear the leggings to sleep comfortably! 

And despite the snug fit, these leggings are actually quite breathable. They are made with a cotton blend material, which helps to keep you cool in Singapore’s hot and humid climate. The fabric is also made with anti-bacterial and deodorant fibre, so your legs will be kept fresh and odour-free, even after a full day’s wear. 

SLIMWALK BeauActy Compression Shape Leggings for sports 

 Photo from Ascenshoppe

Want to make your workouts more efficient? The SLIMWALK BeauActy Compression Shape Leggings can help you with that. It has a 3D pull-up and graduated compression design, which gives you more resistance on your glutes and the back of your thighs. What this means is that when you’re running or exercising, the same action requires more effort, thereby making you burn more calories! 

Wearing SLIMWALK BeauActy Compression Leggings for Sport.Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

It is made of a thinner material than the regular SLIMWALK compression leggings and can look sheer, so layer it with shorts if you’re heading outdoors or working out in public. But other than that, I actually quite like the soft and thin material as it feels super comfortable on the skin even when I’ve worked up a sweat. FYI, the material is also sweat-absorbent, quick-drying and UV resistant

Besides making workouts more efficient, I’ve also found that these compression leggings help with recovery. After upping the intensity of one particular workout, I realised that my lower body muscles didn’t hurt as much as they normally do the day after. Now that’s definitely a plus point!

SLIMWALK Compression Leggings for Day and Night is retailing at $44.90, SLIMWALK BeauActy Compression Leggings for Sport is retailing at $27.90. Available on Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10 and www.ascenshoppe.com.sg


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