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6 Versatile White Sneakers Under $90 With Subtle Details That Will Match Any Outfit

6 Versatile White Sneakers Under $90 With Subtle Details That Will Match Any Outfit

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By Karmen on 09 Apr 2022
Digital Editor

A pair of white sneakers are like the equivalent of a little black dress for our feet. It's versatile, timeless and makes an easy finishing touch to any outfit.


But if you ever have a yearning for a new pair that has subtle details that make it a little less basic, we've found six pairs that have an interesting oomph and will still match almost everything in your wardrobe.

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#1 PAZZION Trimmed Leather Sneakers

PAZZION Trimmed Leather SneakersPhoto from PAZZION

Crafted in supple cowhide leather, this pair of low-top sneakers have a sleek silhouette and cute scalloped trims that add a charming, youthful touch.

Another cool detail is the draw cord laces that'll make it faster and easier to slip the shoes on and off. It also has chunky rubber soles and soft padded footbeds.

Get it here -> for $83.


#2 Charles & Keith Organic Cotton Low-Top Sneakers

Charles & Keith Organic Cotton Low-Top SneakersPhoto from Charles & Keith

This pair has a classic design with a traditional lace-up closure and organic cotton material. The subtle twist is in its statement 4.5cm platform sole which gives it a hint of grunge vibes.

Get it here -> for $59.90.

#3 DMK Pastel Play Sneaker Mules

DMK Pastel Play Sneaker MulesPhoto from DMK

Made of faux leather, this mule-sneaker hybrid is the ultimate convenient, lazy girl-friendly shoe.

Get it here -> for $39.90.


#4 PAZZION Lace Mesh Flower Sneakers

PAZZION Lace Mesh Flower SneakersPhoto from PAZZION

The standard white sneakers have been given a tasteful glam makeover with 3D mesh flowers and sequins all over the shoes.

Made of lambskin, this pair also has ribbon laces that complete the flirty and feminine aesthetic.

Get it here -> for $86.

#5 Heus Aquata Waterproof Sneakers

Heus Aquata Waterproof SneakersPhoto from Heus

This is a pair that won't get soaked in puddles as it's made of a waterproof PU material. It features a minimalist silhouette with simple lacing detail and a 2cm sole.


Get it here -> for $10.90.

#6 IELGY Korean-Style Platform Sneakers

IELGY Korean-Style Platform SneakersPhoto from IELGY

These adorable chunky sneakers are the epitome of Korean-style fashion - simple, effortless and street-style chic. The pale blue lines and bear detail add a fun pop of colour while remaining very much a simple white sneaker at the same time.

Get it here -> for $32.84.

P.S. if you prefer to customise your white sneakers to give it a personalised touch, check out these two places in Singapore:

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