5 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Vagina

5 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Vagina

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By Sophie Hong on 08 Mar 2022
Senior Editor

International Women’s Day is all about female empowerment, so we guess there’s no better time than now to talk about your intimate zone. More specifically, how to care for your vagina in terms of health and sexual wellness. Getting to know all the inner workings of your vagina will allow you to take better care of it and take charge of your health and sexual well-being. That is empowering - don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! 

Read on for 5 tips on how to take better care of your vagina! 

#1 Go for the required screenings and vaccinations

According to Health Hub, it is generally advised that women between the ages of 25 to 29 should go for a pap smear once every three years, and for women aged 30 and above to go for a HPV test once every five years. 

This will help with the early detection of HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer. And speaking of, be sure to get vaccinated against HPV, which is available to females aged between 9 to 26. 

#2 Practise safe sex

So you probably already know that you should always use a condom as it prevents pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases (Find out more on Japan’s no. 1 condoms, Okamoto here), and go for regular STI testing if you’re sexually active. Here’s one more sexual health tip that they didn’t teach you in sex ed: always pee after sex. Bacteria can get pushed up your urethra during sex, so peeing immediately after will help to flush it out. Otherwise, you’re looking at potentially getting a very painful urinary tract infection, or worse, a kidney infection. 

#3 Get familiar with it

Remember that Yoni workshop on Too Hot To Handle where the women took a long hard look at their vaginas using a handheld mirror? The whole point of the exercise is to get familiar with your vagina, let go of any negative associations and fully embrace it. This is something that we can fully get behind, and there are so many advantages that come with familiarising yourself with your vagina - from the way it looks to what it likes. 

That way, you’ll know when any new moles or marks pop up and seek medical attention if needed. Likewise, once you’re familiar with the types of vaginal discharge at different points in your menstrual cycle, you’d be able to tell when something is off. And most importantly, you’ll know your preferences in bed, which goes a very long way in improving your sex life! 

#4 Wear breathable underwear

Your vagina needs ventilation! It's best to go for natural fabrics because they are more breathable, and if you can, go commando when you’re sleeping so all that trapped moisture has somewhere to go. 

#5 Use a cleanser that is formulated specifically for your intimate area

If you’re washing your nether regions with regular body soap, stop and take a look at its ingredient list and formulation. Your vagina needs to be maintained at a pH level of about 3.8 to 4.5, which is on the acidic side. When the pH level is off, or if your soap removes too much of the good bacteria, it’ll cause all sorts of issues - from yeast infections to itching and foul odour. Yikes! 

Need some recommendations? Allow us to point you towards Vagisil®, an intimate care range made by women for women. With over 50 years of experience in women’s intimate care, Vagisil’s washes are pH-balanced and soap-free, formulated specifically to remain delicate on your intimate area. They are also gynaecologists and dermatologists tested, hypoallergenic and suitable for everyday use. 

If the idea of using a separate wash for your vagina sounds cumbersome to you, well we’ve got good news - Vagisil® can also be used as a body wash!  Here are three washes we recommend for different needs. 

For odour control, try… Vagisil® Ultra Fresh Intimate Wash, $16.90

Vagisil® Ultra Fresh Intimate Wash, $16.90.

If you’re conscious about odours, the last thing you should do is to use a soap that can irritate your vulva or vagina. Instead, Vagisil® Ultra Fresh Intimate Wash has triple odour protection, with a patented Odour Control Technology that deodorises your intimate area, leaving it smelling fresh and clean for up to 24 hours. 

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For healthy pH levels, try… Vagisil® pH Balance Intimate Wash, $16.90

Vagisil® pH Balance Intimate Wash, $16.90 .

Did you know that semen and menstrual blood are alkaline? That means that your vagina’s pH levels can be affected by intercourse or your period. Vagisil® pH Balance Intimate Wash maintains your vagina’s acidic environment with LactoPrebiotic™, protecting you from potential irritation. 

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For those with sensitive skin, try… Vagisil® Sensitive Daily Intimate Wash, $16.90

Vagisil® Sensitive Daily Intimate Wash, $16.90.

If your skin is ultra-sensitive, then this one’s for you. The Vagisil® Sensitive Daily Intimate Wash has the ultimate non-irritating formula that is free of sulphates, parabens, soaps or dyes, and has been clinically tested by gynaecologists and dermatologists to gently cleanse and protect sensitive intimate skin.

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