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Kim Woo Bin Spotted For First Time Since Hiatus To Fight Cancer

Kim Woo Bin Spotted For First Time Since Hiatus To Fight Cancer

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By elaine.kiew on 13 Aug 2018

Omo! It's been a while, Woo Bin oppa. *heart eyes*


Last May, our handsome oppa Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer and has since went on a hiatus from the spotlight to seek treatment. But guess what? It seems like there's a possibility that we could see our oppa on the screen again!

Few days back, Kim Woo Bin was spotted with his best friend and fellow A-list actor Lee Jong Suk when they were leaving 89 Mansion Cafe, an establishment owned by the latter~



Excited fans took videos and photos of the two model-actors and it's since gone viral on social media.

In case you're wondering... YES! Kim Woo Bin is the one in long hair and WE LOVE IT!

There's also another set of photos of our oppa out on the streets, assuring us that he is recovering fine!



Though he seemed thinner than before, it does seems like he's doing well!


Before his hiatus, Kim Woo Bin starred as Shin Joon Young in the melodrama Uncontrollably Fond together with Bae Suzy. In the drama, Kim Woo Bin's character was diagnosed with a terminal illness and his ill-fated romance with Bae Suzy's character brought tears to many viewers.

KBSPhoto from KBS

When Kim Woo Bin announced that he's been diagnosed with cancer, it shocked many fans (including us!) as they feared that whatever he went through in Uncontrollably Fond would repeat in real life.

Kim Woo Bin's Friendship With Lee Jong Suk

64kimwwobin leejongsuk

The two have been long-time friends even before starring in the hit drama School 2013.


In fact, they both transitioned from models into the successful actors that they are today. Glad to see that their friendship is still going strong despite their busy schedule and the test of time.

Kim Woo Bin On His Upcoming Activities (Woohoo!)

KerenPhoto from Keren

Kim Woo Bin is set to embark on a global fan meeting starting with Tokyo on Aug 17. He will then meet fans in Osaka on Aug 19, Seoul on Sept 1, Taiwan on Sept 9 and Thailand on Sept 15~ Fans in these selected countries, lucky you! Oh, and we heard that he'll also hold a fan meeting in Los Angeles, New York and the Philippines.

His company Sidus HQ previously released statements to assure fans that Kim Woo Bin is doing well and working hard on his recovery. He also reinforced the fact that he will defitely get well and make a comeback!

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