Choose A Piece Of Jewellery And We’ll Reveal What It Says About Your Personality

Choose A Piece Of Jewellery And We’ll Reveal What It Says About Your Personality

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By Sophie Hong on 01 Dec 2021
Senior Editor

Christmas is the season of giving, and one person that should definitely be on your gifting list is… yourself! And what better gift to yourself than a gorgeous piece of jewellery that is a reflection of your personality? 

No matter what your style or personality is, you’ll be sure to find something you love at Maxi-Cash this festive season. From now till 31 December, you’ll stand a chance to win in the Festive Draw with prizes worth over $38,000 when you spend a minimum of $600 nett in a single receipt! The grand prize is a 50g 999 Gold Bar, and 49 other lucky winners will receive a 916 Gold Pendant With Chain. 

Pick a piece of jewellery that you like and we’ll tell you what it says about your personality type! 

 Photo from Kristabelle Poh/GirlStyle Singapore

If you chose #1, you are… Elegant

916 Gold SeoulStyle Earrings with Detachable Tassels, $449Photo from Kristabelle Poh/GirlStyle Singapore

No matter what curveballs life throws at you, you’d always react gracefully. Your poise is what attracts people to you, and your kindness is what makes them stay. For someone as elegant as you are, it’s only right that your accessories speak volumes without being ostentatious - and these exquisite earrings capture that delicate balance perfectly. 

You can never go wrong with these earrings and a little black dress, but they work well with a sharp pantsuit for the office too. 

If you chose #2, you are… Vivacious

916 Gold Chain Bracelet, from $1,192Photo from Kristabelle Poh/GirlStyle Singapore

Ever wonder why people warm up to you so easily? It’s because you have a star quality, a certain je ne sais quoi that just draws people in. Naturally, you are an extrovert who loves being around people - which is why periods of isolation are so draining for you! 

You shine wherever you go, so it’s only befitting that you get a piece of jewellery that is as eye-catching as your personality. Wear it on its own, or stack it with a watch and more bracelets - there are no rules! 

If you chose #3, you are… Fun-loving

916 Gold Huggies Earrings (Star), $349; 916 Gold Huggies Earrings (Heart), $369Photo from Kristabelle Poh/GirlStyle Singapore

You’re the type to always look on the bright side, and your joie de vivre is infectious. You never take yourself too seriously and your friends depend on you to help them see the silver lining when they are going through a tough time. 

This Christmas, remember that you deserve a little pat on the back too. Try these earrings that wouldn’t make you look out of place in a smart setting but yet retains a certain element of playfulness - just like you! 

If you chose #4, you are… Faithful

Rose Gold Diamond Bracelet with crosses, $388Photo from Kristabelle Poh/GirlStyle Singapore

You’re known as the reliable one amongst your friends, and without you doing all the initiating and planning, your friend group would have drifted apart years ago. You’re a great problem-solver and the success you enjoy today is because of your diligence. 

If we had to hazard a guess, you’re probably quite a faithful person as well. When you commit to something, you remain loyal and steadfast till the very end, be it relationships, causes, or your beliefs. In that aspect, this dainty bracelet isn’t just an accessory, it’s also a reminder to yourself to keep the faith. 

If you chose #5, you are… Glamorous

White Gold Diamond Ring, $788 Photo from Kristabelle Poh/GirlStyle Singapore

If we asked your friends to describe you in just one word, they’d probably say you’re extra. Nothing about you is low-key, from your personality to your interests and of course, your style. But hey, that’s part of your charm! 

You deserve something that is as flashy as you are - and we can’t think of anything better than this white gold ring adorned with extra sparkly diamonds. Plus, it’ll fit in well with the rest of your wardrobe. 

If you chose #6, you are… Minimalist

999 Pure Gold Textured Ring, from $555 Photo from Kristabelle Poh/GirlStyle Singapore

You have an artistic eye and know how to make a statement using the least amount of materials. Whatever you do, you do it with intention, and the same goes for your personal style - everything serves a function or purpose.

This gold ring will definitely complement your minimalistic wardrobe with its striking design. The oversized gold bezel adds a twist to an otherwise classic silhouette and is versatile enough to be worn with formal evening wear or a Sunday brunch outfit. 

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Text: GirlStyle SG


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