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This 5 Celebrities Can Rock The Whole No-Makeup Look Better Than Anyone Else

This 5 Celebrities Can Rock The Whole No-Makeup Look Better Than Anyone Else

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By elaine.kiew on 10 Aug 2018

These celebs look so damn good we're positive nothing can ever take their beauty away. Not even age!


In an era where makeup has become almost every girl's lifeline, not many would dare go out without filling in their brows or applying some lippie. The bar is even higher for celebrities because besides talent, their appearance is probably what would make or break them.

Though they have an obligation to look good, this 5 female celebrities are telling us otherwise with their no-makeup face and we love it!

#1 Rainie Yang 楊丞琳


The 34-year-old is very confident and open with her bareface. If you follow her on Instagram, you'd see that it's often filled with her au naturale, no-makeup face. She's definitely on Taiwan's list of most beautiful goddess.

Check out her glow, man! #OMG



#2 Shermaine Sheh 佘詩曼

Of course Shermaine Sheh have to be on this list! Though she's already 43, we swear you won't find any trace of age on her face. Wrinkles? Dark eye circles? What are those?!


If you follow her on Instagram, you would know that she's always posting her barefaced photos, showing off her A+, radiant complexion. We wonder what's her secret?


#3 Angelababy

We know she's always been gorgeous. Who know she would still look so damn good without makeup?!



When asked about her skincare routine, Angelababy shared that her secret to having good skin is her aloe vera therapy! She would cut fresh aloe vera into pieces and then apply it on her face where it needs to be moisturised.


She also said that she would only wash her face twice a day (morning and night). Instead of washing it excessively, she thought it's best for her to retain some oil and moisture in her face to keep it plump and healthy-looking.

#4 Dilraba Dilmurat 迪麗熱巴

Thanks to her ethnicity, Dilraba's born a natural beauty with great complexion and sharp facial features. Makeup? She barely needs it but when she have them on, she immediately becomes a goddess.


When asked about her secret to her good looks, Dilraba said that she eats a lot of fruits and veggies. Apart from this, she would also drink a glass of milk every morning. At night, she would use milk as face wash to brighten up her complexion. Wow!



Who would have thought of using milk? But if our goddess says it works, we have to try, right? *runs to mama shop to buy milk*

#5 Ruby Lin 林心如

Our Zi Wei is definitely born to be a star. Blessed with a pair of round, sparkly eyes and her trademark apple cheeks, Ruby Lin needs no makeup.


Though she's already 42, she's not afraid of the test of time.



She's confident and comfortable with her bare face and thinks there's no need for photoshop. We like her confidence and we hope that when we reach 42, we'll be able to be this confident!

Who else do you think looks beautiful with no makeup and should have made it onto this list? Let us know in the comments!

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Text by: Girlstyle SG