4 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Stop Washing Your Lingerie With Your Normal Laundry

4 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Stop Washing Your Lingerie With Your Normal Laundry

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By Sophie Hong on 08 Oct 2021
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OK ladies, let’s talk intimates. How are you washing your lingerie - by hand, or just simply tossing it in with the rest of your normal laundry? And what are you using to wash your lingerie with - normal detergent (which can sometimes be too harsh for the softer fabrics that lingerie is made with), or a dedicated lingerie wash that is specially formulated for delicate fabric without compromising on stain and bacteria removal? 

Let’s explore the differences between lingerie wash and regular detergent, and why you really should be using the former. 

Read on for 4 very good reasons why you should be using Fresh HY Lingerie Wash for your intimates instead! 


#1 It’ll help your lingerie last longer

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Lingerie is also referred to as delicates for good reason. They are made with softer fabrics such as satin, cotton and lace, either for comfort or aesthetics. Most of us probably don’t read the care label, but there’s a high chance that your regular laundry detergent is actually too harsh for your delicates. 

The result? You’ll end up damaging the soft fibres, especially if you’re also machine washing them. To ensure the longevity of your lingerie, we highly recommend hand-washing them and using a lingerie wash like the Fresh HY Lingerie Wash, which is specially formulated to protect soft fabrics and extend the shelf life of your favourite lingerie set and sports bras!

#2 It’s made for everyday use and is gentle on the hands

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Some of us prefer to hand-wash our lingerie, out of the habit of not mixing it together with other family members’ clothes or just to get rid of fresh period stains. And if you notice that your hands are drier or slightly itchy after each washing session, that’s because certain laundry detergents are just too harsh for contact with bare skin. 

Keeping that in mind, Fresh HY Lingerie Wash is designed to be gentle on soft fabrics and your hands too. It has a mild formulation that is gentle on the skin and non-irritating, making it suitable even if you’re hand-washing your delicates every day. 

I personally find that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling “tight”, plus I really enjoy the delightful scent which permeated the bathroom.

#3 Fresh HY Lingerie Wash effectively removes stains in 15mins 

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Unlike men, we have a lot more to deal with when it comes to stains in the underwear department. Besides those dreaded period stains, vaginal discharge (which is acidic) can also end up leaving bleach-like splotches on the crotch area. That’s quite a few things that can ruin your nice lingerie! 

Fresh HY Lingerie Wash is made in Japan and formulated to be gentle on skin, yet capable of removing those stubborn stains in just 15 minutes. I noticed that the crisp fresh scent of the lingerie wash helps with eliminating odours as well. 

FYI, it’s also suitable for sportswear - Fresh HY Lingerie Wash can also be used to get rid of sweat stains and odours on your sports bras or yoga leggings. 

And here’s a helpful tip: when it’s that time of the month, I also spot wash my cotton bedsheets and shorts with Fresh HY Lingerie Wash whenever there’s a leak. Just pump it directly onto the stained surface, rub the soiled fabric lightly and wash.

Compared to silk materials, period stains on cotton materials are much harder to get rid of, but this lingerie wash does a very good job with stain removal. For super tough stains, you can try soaking them in the wash for 15 minutes before rubbing and rinsing - easy!

#4 Fresh HY Lingerie Wash eliminates 99.9% of bacteria

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Our bras and underwear are in direct contact with our skin all day, which means they are absorbing all of our perspiration, grime and other -ahem- discharges. This moist and humid environment is a potent breeding ground for bacteria, and I’m sure some of us have learnt the hard way that UTIs and yeast infections are not fun to deal with. 

Besides getting rid of stains, germs and dust mites effectively, Fresh HY Lingerie Wash also offers 24-hour protection against bacterial growth. You can rest assured that your lingerie is properly sanitised, even if you’re drying them indoors. Also, it eliminates 99.9% of germs and 99% of dust mites, so you’ll have clean, fresh lingerie every day. 

Consider this - Fresh HY Lingerie Wash is an all-in-one specialised detergent wash that not only takes care of your delicates, but also your feminine health and hygiene with its effective removal of stains and bacteria. All of this, while taking care of your hands so that they’ll remain soft and supple - even if you’re laundering your lingerie by hand every day! 

How to use Fresh HY Lingerie Wash 

Hand wash: Pump the soap directly onto lingerie and wash. To get rid of tough stains, apply the lingerie wash directly onto the stained area, gently scrub and let it sit for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. 

Machine wash: Apply directly on the stain and scrub gently, followed by normal washing procedure. 

Fresh HY Lingerie Wash
$6.90 for 150ml, available at FairPrice and Sheng Siong supermarkets and online at Lazada, Shopee, and Fresh HY’s e-shop.
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