New Disney-Themed Eco-Products By Homegrown Brand Ft. Princess Mugs, Straws & Mickey Mouse Lunchbox

New Disney-Themed Eco-Products By Homegrown Brand Ft. Princess Mugs, Straws & Mickey Mouse Lunchbox

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By Jean on 30 Sep 2021
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Any Disney fans who are eco-warriors? Homegrown eco-brand MamaShop has released a new line of Disney-themed lifestyle products that you wouldn't want to miss!

Keep reading to find out about the MamaShop x Disney collection!

The MamaShop x Disney collection has a total of 13 items including Disney Princess mugs and straws, and a Mickey Mouse tumbler, lunch box, and straws.

MamaShop x Disney collection_Princess collection @ Tangs Singapore
Photo from MamaShop

MamaShop x Disney Princess Collection

MamaShop x Disney collection_Princess straws
Photo from MamaShop

The Disney's Princess NUBO 55 Straw ($22.90) comes in 5 designs, each featuring a Disney Princess – Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine, and Rapunzel.

MamaShop x Disney_Disney's Princess - Aurora NUBO 55 Straw
Photo from MamaShop

Boasting an ergonomic and sleek design, this pocket-sized product (128x34x18mm) is perfect for ladies who travel with small purses. Unlike most reusable straws, this product has a slanted tip that can poke through drink seals easily. Best of all, the straw is able to withstand temperatures up to 90°C so you need not worry when using it with a cuppa hot drink!

MamaShop x Disney collection_Princess mugs
Photo from MamaShop


Featuring 4 different designs, the Disney's Princess Drop Mug ($29.80) has uplifting quotes such as "Kind State of Mind" and "Be True, Be You" on them – each personalised to the different princesses. The mugs also come with an engraved bamboo lid.

MamaShop x Disney Mickey Mouse Collection

MamaShop x Disney collection_Mickey mouse collection
Photo from MamaShop

The MamaShop x Disney Mickey Mouse Collection includes Disney's Eco-Mickey - SUI Bottle ($36.90), Disney's Eco-Mickey - NUBO Original Straw in Beige/Black ($30.90), and the Disney's Eco-Mickey - Mickey & Friends EcoHusk Lunchbox in Dark Pink ($42.90).

You can purchase the entire collection from MamaShop's online store or at Tangs Singapore.

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