First Look Of Slurping Good! - Singapore's Version Of Japan's Famous Cup Noodle Museum

First Look Of Slurping Good! - Singapore's Version Of Japan's Famous Cup Noodle Museum

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By Jean on 24 Sep 2021
Digital Editor

Instant noodles serve as comfort food to most Singaporeans, helping us tide through hectic schedules and late nights. But what if we told you that you can now have a fun and immersive experience with the very food that gives you solace?

Opening its doors on 25 September, Singapore's first instant noodle-themed exhibition Slurping Good! features 13 IG-worthy installations so grab your besties or partner and have a whale of a time!

Read on to find out more about Singapore's first instant noodle-themed exhibition!

Located right beside Eatbox at Tekka Space, the Slurping Good! playground occupies 6000 sqft, featuring 13 interactive spaces over 2 levels with instant noodle murals, installations, and games.

Slurping Good! Experience Playground
Photo from Slurping Good!

We all know that cup noodles, while already good on their own, taste even better when paired with other ingredients such as egg, ham, and topped with a handful of spring onions. Spam lovers will not want to miss this IG-worthy photo op that features a giant can of ham!

Slurping Good! Experience Playground _ Noodle BFF Meat
Photo from Slurping Good!

This installation provides you with Slurping Good!'s own pillow merchandise so your hands won't look too awkward in photos.

Slurping Good! Experience Playground _ Theatre 2
Photo from Slurping Good!

If you prefer a backdrop with warmer tones, here's one that features a noodle bar at the beach!

Slurping Good! Experience Playground _ Noodle Club
Photo from Slurping Good!

Taking the shape of a pot filled with instant noodles over a stove, this cute swing brings cheer as you swing into yet another IG-worthy shot.

Slurping Good! Experience Playground_Noodle Swing
Photo from Slurping Good!


This interactive space features a 1.7m giant Nissin cup noodles installation that will reveal Singaporeans' favourite choice of cup noodles on 25 September. Can you guess which it is?

Slurping Good! Experience Playground _ Nissin Mystery
Photo from Slurping Good!

The Chu Qian Yi Ding Slider features child- and adult-sized noodle slides so you and your little one can have fun together!

Slurping Good! Experience Playground _ Chu Qian Yi Ding Slide
Photo from Slurping Good!

This cup noodle wall resembles the one at Japan's Cup Noodles Museum but with a local twist. Some noodles featured on the wall include Myjojo noodles, Shin Ramyun, and Chu Qian Yi Ding among others. Can you spot your favourite cup noodle on the wall?

Slurping Good! Experience Playground - 2
Photo from Slurping Good!

Slurping Good! also features a Noodle Lab where you can customise your instant noodles that can be purchased at one of Eatbox's vendors - Soul Good Noodle Bar.

Soul Good Noodle Bar_Eatbox Singapore
Photo from GirlStyle Singapore

Before you leave, do patronise the Slurping Good! merchandise store that offers an assortment of instant noodle-themed souvenirs such as clothing, bath items, accessories, as well as other items that feature local brands.

Single admission tickets are priced from $21 and children under the age of three enjoy complimentary entrance. All tickets come with a goodie bag that's packed with exclusive vouchers and arcade tokens!

You can book your tickets here ->

Slurping! Good
Address: 2 Serangoon Road, Tekka Place Annex Building, #01-51 to 54, S218227
Opening hours: Mon to Sun, 10am - 10pm
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Book tickets here

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