This New 3-In-1 Face Mist Serves As Toner, Moisturiser, & Mask, Helps Busy Ladies Save Time On Skincare

This New 3-In-1 Face Mist Serves As Toner, Moisturiser, & Mask, Helps Busy Ladies Save Time On Skincare

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By Rachel Yohannan on 06 Sep 2021
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One of the greatest skin sins one can commit is to skip out on certain skincare steps. But with hectic schedules, it’s tempting for us busy ladies to hastily swipe off our makeup, slap on some moisturiser, and call it a day before conking out in bed. Speaking of which, many of us don’t even get sufficient sleep - and that’s another huge contributing factor to skin woes like dullness, dark circles, and premature ageing.

But thanks to innovations in skincare, there are some methods you can “cheat” your way to beautiful skin, all without having to take extra time out of your schedule. One of these is the Liquid Masque by Singaporean skincare brand By Philocali - a handy 3-in-1 product that serves as a toner, moisturiser, and mask at the same time. Here’s our review.

Read on to find out more about the By Philocali Liquid Masque in Singapore!

- About By Philocali -

By Philocali Liquid Masque ReviewPhoto from By Philocali

Co-founded by Singaporean businesswomen Gillyn and Jolyn, By Philocali was born out of the duo’s common issue of coming home late on a daily basis, rushing through or even skipping skincare, and suffering from breakouts as a result. Their friends, too, have had similar experiences, whereby if they aren’t focusing on their careers, they’re always putting their kids before them with little time to themselves.

In a quest to help themselves and other busy folk save time, they did a ton of research and set out to create their own one-step skincare solution that combines multiple efficacies - resulting in the launch of their flagship product, the By Philocali Liquid Masque.

- By Philocali Liquid Masque review -

By Philocali Liquid Masque ReviewPhoto from By Philocali

The By Philocali Liquid Masque comes in a sleek frosted bottle with gold cap, and is formulated using milkfish collagen super peptide - a key ingredient that has great skin repairing properties. Other than being able to function as a toner and moisturiser, the Liquid Masque leaves a non-sticky collagen membrane on the skin which protects it from external aggressors while controlling sebum, thus effectively serving as a mask.

Simply spray it over a clean face twice daily, once in the morning and once at night...and that’s it! No rinsing is required, just cleanse and spritz. You can also use it anytime throughout the day if you’d like a quick perk-me-up - I love how it makes my skin feel instantly refreshed and dewy despite my dry air-conditioned office environment, and it really jolts me awake so that I can carry on with the rest of my work day without feeling too sluggish.

On top of all the aforementioned perks, it also works as a setting spray that allows your makeup to stay on for longer periods. Just a quick, light layer will do.

By Philocali Liquid Masque ReviewPhoto from By Philocali

While it does feel richly packed with moisture, this light liquid formula is not at all oily or tacky. You’ll feel a tightening sensation mere seconds after spraying it onto your skin, but it’s nothing uncomfortable. It’s virtually scentless, which makes it pleasant to use compared to other skincare products with cloying artificial fragrances.

Those with very dry or dehydrated skin can apply a thin layer of moisturiser first before spraying the Liquid Mask on, as this will aid in locking in hydration.

By Philocali Liquid Masque ReviewPhoto from By Philocali

Results can be seen in just one week, with an improvement in the level of skin firmness. Around the third week of usage, your skin will appear more radiant with less prominent pores, and any acne outbreaks will be significantly calmed. Blemishes such as scars and pigmentation spots may also be lightened. With continued usage, your skin will look younger and extra glowy! Check out these “before and after” photos from By Philocali’s happy customers.

By Philocali Liquid Masque ReviewPhoto from By Philocali

Using just one product for many steps certainly helped shave precious time off my skincare routine - which can take more than 30 minutes on some nights, depending on whether I choose to apply a mask or not. With extra time on my hands, I managed to enjoy more me-time, sleep earlier, and feel more energetic overall - and it showed on my skin as well.

Of course, this improved appearance was also due to the product’s effective formula, which reduced my hormonal acne, existing scars from past breakouts, and prevented my usually oily skin from getting overly greasy or clogged. It’s suitable for both ladies and men, and I would recommend it to anyone who’s perpetually time-strapped and looking for an all-in-one time-saving solution to tackle their skin problems, or simply for daily maintenance.

- By Philocali 9.9 promotion -

Each 100ml bottle of the By Philocali Liquid Masque costs $129, but luckily for us, By Philocali is having a 9.9 sale from 6th to 12th September 2021, where it’ll be going for only $99. Simply key in the promo code “SALE99” to enjoy the discount! Delivery within Singapore costs $6. Get it here.

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