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Taiwanese Romcom Movie "Man In Love" Starring Roy Chiu & Tiffany Hsu Coming To Netflix On 20 Aug

Taiwanese Romcom Movie "Man In Love" Starring Roy Chiu & Tiffany Hsu Coming To Netflix On 20 Aug

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By Wei Yin on 18 Aug 2021
Digital Editor

We are all for movie remakes as it's interesting to see how different countries pull off the storyline while adding in pieces of its own culture.


If you are like us, there is a new Taiwanese remake of a Korean movie, Man in Love, to look forward to.

Read on to find out more!

Man in Love Taiwan movie posterPhoto from Man in Love

Man in Love is a heartwarming yet heart wrenching love story between a debt collector and a debt-ridden woman. Roy Chiu plays A Cheng, the kind-hearted thug who can't seem to do his job of collecting debts well, as he is always giving his borrowers with sob stories chances. Tiffany Hsu takes on the role of Hao Ting, a bank teller who is shouldering the debt on her own while caring for her ailing father.

Man in Love poster Tiffany Hsu and Roy Chiu movie stillPhoto from Man in Love

A Cheng and Hao Ting meet, and he comes up with a repayment scheme where she gets to deduct money off her debt whenever she goes on dates with him. When Hao Ting finally starts opening up to A Cheng, a series of events lead to obstacles in their relationship. 

Man in Love Roy Chiu and Tiffany HsuPhoto from Man in Love


The movie first premiered in Taiwan in April this year to highly raved reviews and impressive box office numbers, but is now finally going to be made available on Netflix from 20 August for the rest of us to stream!

Man in Love Taiwan movie poster with Roy Chiu and Tiffany Hsu Photo from Man in Love

It starts off with lighthearted moments and conversations where A Cheng tries his best to woo Hao Ting, but prepare some tissues because this romcom is going to be a tearjerker too.

Both leads are also experienced actors who have acted in various roles, so viewers can look forward to their amazing chemistry as an unconventional couple.

Check out the trailer below:

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