Pompompurin Rice Cooker, Pancake Maker, Toaster & Takoyaki Pan Ships To Singapore For Free

Pompompurin Rice Cooker, Pancake Maker, Toaster & Takoyaki Pan Ships To Singapore For Free

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By Karmen on 14 Aug 2021
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The kitchen is often the main gathering place for the whole family, the heart of the home, as some would say. We found some Ichiban Kuji Pompompurin-themed kitchen appliances that will make your kitchen a warm, inviting space that's a delight to spend time in, as it should be!

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Ichiban Kuji is a lottery in Japan that gives out prizes, merchandise in collaboration with franchises like Disney and Sanrio, when you purchase tokens. You can win anything from small knick knacks like key rings to the most coveted top prize which is commonly a giant plush toy or something that can be resold for a lot more.

The recent Pompompurin Ichiban Kujis' top prizes have been kitchen appliances. And fortunately for us in Singapore, they've popped up as re-sales on Ebay with free international shipping. One drawback is that you will need an adaptor to use these appliances.

pompompurin toaster singapore
Photo from Sanrio

This toaster doesn't just look cute on the outside, it also gives your bread a toast pattern in the shape of Pompompurin.

Pompompurin Pancake Maker (US$96.99, ~S$131.74)

pompompurin pancake maker singapore
Photo from Sanrio

Like the toaster, this pancake maker also imprints Pompompurin on your breakfast! Psst, there's a local Carouseller, @gocovo, who is selling it for just $38.90.

pompompurin pancakes
Photo from pinzou-japan via Ebay.com


Pompompurin Takoyaki Maker (US$111, ~S$150.78)

pompompurin takoyaki maker pan singapore
Photo from Sanrio

Soak in the Japanese street food feels with this cute takoyaki pan!

pompompurin rice cooker singapore
Photo from Mandarake

This adorable rice cooker comes in the same purin-inspired colours as the doggo himself. You can also get it from local Carouseller @pinkypiggy for $35, although there's only one left in stock.

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