2 Pax Date Idea: Tufting Workshop Lets You Make Your Own Rug & Mirror In Any Design You Want

2 Pax Date Idea: Tufting Workshop Lets You Make Your Own Rug & Mirror In Any Design You Want

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By Wei Yin on 29 Jul 2021
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Apart from getting mini art jamming kits, another fun date idea for two while our little red dot is still in P2HA is trying your hand at tufting.

Tuft Club is a Singapore's first tufting studio where you can make your own rug and mirror with a wide variety of yarn colours in any design you want.

Read on to find out more!

Tuft Club rug tufting workshopPhoto from Tuft Club

For the uninitiated, tufting is a type of textile weaving where you use a tufting gun to automate the process. The needle on the tufting gun then penetrates the stretched cloth to form your design.

Tuft Club provides two types of workshops - rug tufting and tuft mirror.

Tuft Club rug makingPhoto from Tuft Club

Rug tufting is a modern take on traditional rug-making, and the 4-hour workshop includes guidance on tufting and operating the tufting gun, transferring your design onto the cloth, tips on tufting techniques, and finishing your piece.

Rug tufting end product at Tuft ClubPhoto from @coqillage via Instagram

All materials will be provided, including projectors to help you sketch your design so there's no need to worry that your drawing skill, or lack thereof, is going to affect the end product. This is the best time to let your creative juices flow and create something uniquely yours!

Tuft Club tuft mirrorPhoto from Tuft Club


If rugs aren't your thing, go for the tuft mirror workshop instead. Every bedroom needs a mirror, so this is something useful that will make your money's worth.

Tuft mirror done at Tuft ClubPhoto from @s.gerk via Instagram

The 4-hour workshop entails pretty much the same process as rug tufting, but a mirror will be provided instead for you to attach the final product to it.

Tuft Club tufting a rugPhoto from Tuft Club

The workshop costs $195 per pax for both rug tufting and tuft mirror, and this includes free delivery to your door within two to three weeks after finishing and drying your piece.

Workshops will also be held in groups of two for now due to P2HA, so it's really the perfect private activity to try out with bae or a friend.

Address: 57 Circular Rd, #03-01, Singapore 049412
Opening hours: Closed on Tuesday, Monday & Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 10pm
Instagram | Website (for bookings)

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