The Most Comfortable Pads & Tampons For Sensitive Skin & A Heavy Flow

The Most Comfortable Pads & Tampons For Sensitive Skin & A Heavy Flow

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ByKarmen on 20 Jul 2021 Digital Editor

Periods are awful. And never mind the cramps, bloating and acne flare ups, those with sensitive skin will also have to deal with itchiness and redness from wearing pads and tampons. Then there's also that dreaded anxiety of period leaks on bedsheets and clothes.

Thankfully, there are organic cotton pads and tampons you can find in Singapore that are extremely comfortable, leak-proof and won't cause irritation.

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If you experience itching and chafing in intimate areas during periods, you're not alone. This monthly plight is more common than you might think all thanks to the pads and tampons we wear.

Most commercially available pads and tampons are made of synthetic materials like rayon or SAPs (super absorbent polymers) which can irritate the skin. It also traps moisture and heat, making bacteria build up quickly which causes a rash. Even if you don't have sensitive skin, there's still that icky, uncomfortable feeling as the material simply isn't breathable and usually contains harmful chemicals and artificial substances.

That's why organic cotton pads and tampons are getting a lot of hype in the US, and the Singapore market is starting to catch on.

rael pads regular tampons pads panty liners
Photo from Rael

One brand that stands out is Rael, a holistic period care company started by three Korean women who were frustrated by the lack of clean, effective period products in the U.S. and so, created their own.

Designed using Korean beauty technology, their high-performance pads and tampons are made of USDA-certified Texas organic cotton. They're also free of harsh chemicals including chlorine, artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates and PEGs.

hands holding rael pads regular
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Rael has a wide variety of sizes for pads and tampons to fit every stage of your period. Pad wearers will be spoilt for choice with three sizes of Organic Cotton Pads ($9.90 for 14 pieces) just for daytime use. Petite is perfect for a lighter flow, Regular for the usual, and Large for days you need extra back-up.

Rael sanitary pads in different sizes
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Wearing this pad feels remarkably different to the plasticky surface of regular synthetic pads. The plush 100% organic cotton top sheet feels so comfortable and soft on the skin, and I didn't get the usual itch and redness.

While using them during a heavy flow, I made another heartening discovery - it stayed completely dry to the touch even when thoroughly soaked. This is because it has an absorbent core and side panels designed with Leak Locker Technology to trap fluids and prevent overflowing.

To give the Overnight Pads ($9.90 for 10 pieces) a real test, I gave myself free rein to toss and turn about freely while sleeping. These pads feel reassuring even before going to sleep, generously sized with a wide, extended back and double wings.

hands holding rael long pads overnight
Photo from Rael

In the morning, there wasn't a single stain on my bedsheets, hurrah! This is a major plus point especially for someone who dreads changing the sheets and doing laundry.

Like the regular pads, the overnight ones made my lady bits feel dry and clean. Its Leak Locker core provides a high level of protection with super absorbent properties. The pads also come in an XL size for the ultimate peace of mind.

Another product I tried is the Organic Cotton Tampons with plant-based compact applicators ($12.90 for 18 pieces). Like many of my peers, I, a grown woman pushing 30, had never tried a tampon before. While pads are external, tampons go inside the body, and it just doesn't feel right to have chemicals and unnatural substances all up in there

Rael Organic Cotton Tampons Plant-based applicator singapore
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Rael's tampons, on the other hand, are made of organic cotton from tip to string so it sits perfectly in my comfort zone to use. The tampons are also free of chlorine bleaching and has less risk of causing Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).

The cute and discreet ice cream tub-like packaging is a plus!

rael organic cotton tampons with Plant-Based Compact Applicator
Photo from Rael

Each tampon is housed in an ultra slim plant-based compact applicator which feels comfortable when inserting it. After pushing the tampon in and removing the applicator, the cotton expands to fit snugly and comfortably.

rael tampons unfolded
Photo from Rael

These tampons are virtually imperceivable and I went about my day as if it was any other day. It also comes in handy when I'm in the mood to wear something tight or for working out. And as expected, there was zero leakage during a heavy flow even while using the Regular size. It comes in two other sizes with higher absorbency capacity: Super and Super Plus.

Rael also has Organic Cotton Panty Liners ($6.90 for 18 - 20 pieces) in Regular and Long to protect your cute undies or simply to keep you feeling and smelling fresh through the day.

Their Organic Cotton Micro Thin Panty Liners ($11.90 for 70 pieces) deserve a special shout out for being almost paper-thin so it feels like there's nothing there. Still, this tiny-width pad gets the job done as the top sheet has absorbent airhole technology to keep the skin dry.

hands holding Micro thin rael liner pads
Photo from Rael

Rael also has Natural Feminine Wipes ($5.90 for 10 pieces) that are infused with botanical extracts to soothe sensitive skin. It's crafted from eco-friendly pulp and so are flushable.

Safety and comfort aside, using Rael's naturally derived products also makes me feel a little better knowing that I've contributed less plastic waste that's damaging the environment.

If you're keen to make the switch to organic cotton pads and tampons for your comfort & the environment, you can shop Rael pads & other period essentials at ShopCorlisonWatsons Online, Redmart, Shopee, Lazada and Fairprice Online.

This post is brought to you by Rael.

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