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Hand Sanitisers In Minimalist Packaging & Pleasant Scents Are Available Online In Singapore

Hand Sanitisers In Minimalist Packaging & Pleasant Scents Are Available Online In Singapore

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By Wei Yin on 21 May 2021
Digital Editor

Hand sanitisers have become a staple ever since the pandemic but many of them come with the pungent alcohol smell and tend to dry out our hands.


Touchland is a US-based brand known for their hand sanitisers in minimalist packaging, and fast-evaporating and naturally moisturising formula. They keep your hands clean, soft and smelling great.

Their hand sanitisers are available on Shopee Singapore so you can get your hands on them ASAP.

Read on to find out more!

Touchland hand sanitisers Photo from Touchland

The Power Mist is a hydrating hand sanitiser using a dermatologist tested formula that is also cruelty-free and vegan.

It contains 67% of ethyl alcohol to kill 99.9% of harmful germs but because each sanitiser is packed with ingredients like aloe vera and a blend of essential oils, there's no need to worry that it will dry out your hands.

Touchland hand sanitiser individual shotPhoto from Touchland


The lightweight formula also absorbs quickly into the skin and never leaves it feeling sticky.

They have a wide variety of scents for you to choose from: Watermelon, Aloe Vera, Citrus, Vanilla Cinnamon, Forest Berry, Lavender and Mint. There's even a fragrance-free option if you are sensitive to scents.

Touchland hand sanitiser close up on packagingPhoto from Touchland

The Power Mist's packaging is worthy of a mention too! The sleek white borders and curved edges paired with a transparent front to show off the coloured formula is so aesthetically pleasing.

The shape and size of the sanitiser also make it easy to fit into any bag.

Touchland watermelon hand sanitiser Photo from Touchland

Get the Touchland Power Mist on Shopee here at $15 each.

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