New Nail Art Trend: BLACKPINK Rosé's Colourful French Tips With Cute Drawings

New Nail Art Trend: BLACKPINK Rosé's Colourful French Tips With Cute Drawings

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ByWei Yin on 07 May 2021 Digital Editor

Nail trends come and go, but we foresee this one staying for quite a while thanks to BLACKPINK's Rosé who popularised it.

Her nails feature cute drawings and colourful French tips in pastel shades that were done by Korean nail artist Park Eun Kyung, the same person behind the viral lipstick-shaped nails back in 2019.

Read on to find out more!

BLACKPINK Rosé with French tip nails
Photo from @roses_are_rosie via Instagram

Rosé mainly rocked this nail design on stage while performing her newest solo song, but it's not just for celebs!


The wearable French tip design paired with pops of pastels complements Singapore's sunny weather and the summery outfits in your wardrobe.

Here's a closer look at the design as posted by the nail artist herself.

BLACKPINK Rosé's nails close up
Photo from @nail_unistella via Instagram

A pale pink shade acts as the base for the design, with pastel hues adorning the tips of the nails. Adorable designs like clouds, flowers, rainbows and bows are painstakingly drawn onto the tips.

BLACKPINK Rosé's nails close up done by Nail Unistella
Photo from @nail_unistella via Instagram

Apart from cute ones, Rosé also included edgier designs such as a car on fire, yin and yang symbol and a cow pattern.

Her nails have gotten a lot of attention and many started replicating them by adding their own twist. If you are thinking about getting similar nails as Rosé, here are some to take inspiration from.


French tip nails inspired by BLACKPINK Rosê
Photo from @🍋精 via 小红书

BLACKPINK Rosé nails with flowers
Photo from @BOMMIE via 小红书

Depending on your nail length, you can opt for a thicker or thinner French tip.

Go for repetitive designs for consistency or add pizzazz by giving each nail a different design.

French tip nails with smiley face
Photo from @EzyPieces. via 小红书

If clouds and bows are not your thing, go ahead and choose designs that reflect your personality. The rule of thumb here is to just stick to French tips and make sure the bulk of the designs are focused on the tips.

Will this trending nail art be your next manicure design?

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