9 Edible Bouquets In Singapore For Valentine’s Day 2021 For Those Who Prefer Food Over Flowers

9 Edible Bouquets In Singapore For Valentine’s Day 2021 For Those Who Prefer Food Over Flowers

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By Rachel on 06 Feb 2021
Senior Digital Editor

Those whose girlfriends are foodies will know that the way to your lady’s heart is through her stomach. Pretty but non-functional trinkets have little effect on her, and her bad moods are often dissipated with a surprise bubble tea delivery. As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’ll likely hear her say, “Flowers are a waste of money, I’d rather have food instead.”

But that doesn’t mean you should just take her to a restaurant and call it a day (check out our new V-day restaurant recommendations here!). While other girls are clutching onto their standard rose bunches, win extra points with your belle by letting her stand out with a head-turning food bouquet. This year’s options include strawberry bouquets, Hello Panda arrangements, and downright bizarre options like mantou and bacon.

Read on for 9 edible bouquets in Singapore for Valentine’s Day 2021!

Note: Bouquets are subject to availability. All are in stock at time of writing.

Cotton candy bouquet Singapore
Photo from Cotton Dreams

Cotton Dreams does cotton candy bouquets all year round for it's what they specialise in, but for Valentine’s Day 2021, they’ve launched a special bear-themed one that’s too adorable to resist. This isn’t just any regular candy floss that you’d get at sweet shops, for it comes in special flavours like White Rabbit and Oreo Crunchy.

Cotton candy bouquet Singapore
Photo from Cotton Dreams

Those who wanna lay low on the calories can go for their cotton candy lollipops instead.

Read our full article on Cotton Dreams’ cotton candy bear bouquets here to find out more about pricing and delivery.

#2: Yakult bouquet

Yakult bouquet Singapore
Photo from K.Flower

Does your lady have a short temper and get fired up over the smallest things? Maybe, just maybe, her moodiness is due to the fact that she’s constipated 🙊

Help her let loose in more ways than one with a Yakult bouquet from K.Flower - the Japanese probiotic drink is proven to help ease bowel movement. Pick from a 5-bottle bouquet or a 10-bottle one - we’d recommend the latter as it’ll give more bang for your buck.

Just make sure you have some air freshener in the bathroom on standby.

 Price: $22 for 5 bottles, $27 for 10 bottles
Delivery: $12 | Free self-collection at Commonwealth
Get it here.

#3: Donut cookie bouquet

Donut cookie bouquet Singapore
Photo from Happie Cookie

Here’s why Happie Cookie’s donut cookie bouquet trumps a regular box of donuts any day: Other than the aesthetics, cookies can be kept for a longer time than donuts, so your recipient won’t have to worry about bingeing everything in a day or two - which makes this bouquet easier to keep, and easier on the waistline as well.

Each cookie with assorted icing designs is individually wrapped for added convenience. These are free of nuts and gluten, so those who have food allergies can still enjoy them.

Price: $38
Delivery: $8
Get it here.

#4: Bacon and chicken wings

Bacon chicken bouquet Singapore
Photo from The Beast

We can already smell The Beast’s chicken and bacon rose bouquet through our screens! If your missus is a meat maniac who isn’t fazed by oiled-up fingers and a thicc dose of protein, then this is the one for her this Valentine’s Day.

12 pieces of Southern Fried Chicken (assortment of drum and wings) are bundled with bacon strips, creatively rolled up to resemble roses. There’s even a bottle of Smoked Maple Syrup included!

Witty wordplay is always sexy, so sweep her off her feet even further with 1 of 5 punny taglines, including “Be My BAE-CON” and “I CLUCKING Love You”. Shh, she doesn't have to know that you didn't think it up yourself. ;)

Price: $68
Delivery: $15 | Free self-collection at Jalan Klapa (Bugis)
Get it here.

#5: Macaron heart bouquet

Macaron heart bouquet Singapore
Photo from Annabella Patisserie


Got a sweetheart with a sweet tooth? Make her day with the macaron bouquet from Annabella Patisserie, a homegrown Japanese-French inspired dessert business that specifically focuses on those sinful meringue treats.

Other than 10 chocolate-filled heart-shaped macarons wrapped together with delicate baby’s breath, this Valentine’s Day set comes with an additional box of 10 regular round ones macarons, with your choice of assorted flavours:

  • Rose, Lemonade, Green Tea, Earl Grey, Lavender, Chocolate
  • Strawberry, Orange, Lychee, Blueberry, Mango, Chocolate
  • Chocolat, Milo, Vanilla, Marshmallow, Oreo, Chocolate
  • Thai Milk Tea, Salted Caramel, Coconut, Mint, Peach, Chocolate

Macaron heart bouquet Singapore
Photo from Annabella Patisserie

Price: $200
Delivery: FREE
Get it here.

#6: Mantou bouquet

Mantou bouquet Singapore
Photo from @mantou_dahan via Instagram

If bread is love, bread is life, then get your lady a bunch of carby goodness in the form of Man Tou Da Han’s mantou bouquet, in which 8 fried buns will be wrapped in brown char kuay teow paper with dried red baby’s breath sprigs.

Don’t just get her the bouquet, order in some black pepper crab so she’ll have something to eat these with. This also gives you a chance to show her what a chivalrous man you are by peeling off every inch of shell for her. 😇

Price: $35
Delivery: $5 for Pasir Ris, Tampines, Punggol | $7.90 for other areas of Singapore| Free self-collection
Get it here.

#7: Hello Panda bouquet

Hello Panda bouquet Singapore
Photo from K.Flower

You can’t say you’re Singaporean if you didn’t grow up with Hello Panda biscuits, and there’s a high chance you’re still munching on these even as an adult. Perhaps less often than in the past - hello, declining metabolism - but they’re still a long-standing favourite.

Surprise your snack monster with K.Flower’s Hello Panda bouquet and let those sweet childhood memories come flooding back. You can pick from quantities of 6 boxes or 12 boxes, but flavours will be given at random. Fingers crossed that you’ll get the less common ones like Double Chocolate or Matcha as part of the mix!

Price: $25.90 for 6 boxes | $32.50 for 12 boxes
Delivery: $12 | Free self-collection at Commonwealth
Get it here.

#8: Strawberry bouquet

Strawberry bouquet Singapore
Photo from Rainbowly

True love is helping your partner become the best version of themselves. If she’s made a new year’s resolution to adopt a better diet with more fibre included, help her meet her daily fruit intake with this strawberry bouquet from Rainbowly. Well, the strawberries are dipped in pink chocolate, but hey - it’s a special occasion, and a little indulgence here and there never hurt anyone.

The default option comes with 3 pink roses, but you can make a top-up for 3 or 6 additional blooms.

Price: $99
Delivery: $20
Get it here.

P.S.: Spoil market by making your own strawberry desserts - check out our article with 3 easy strawberry recipes!

#9: Chocolate bar bouquet

Chocolate bar bouquet Singapore
Photo from Magical Blooms

You can’t go wrong with good ol’ chocolate, especially if it’s classic favourites like Kinder Bueno and KitKat. Magical Bloomschocolate bouquet - which combines the two with fresh roses, baby’s breath, and purple filler flowers -  is the one to go for if you’d like to play safe with choices.

Jazz up the ensemble even more with optional add-ons of personalised metallic toppers, fairy lights, and even teddy bear plushies!

Price: $48
Delivery: $18 | Free self-collection
Get it here.

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