5 Reasons Why Being A B**CH Is Good For Your Health (Proven)

5 Reasons Why Being A B**CH Is Good For Your Health (Proven)

By GirlStyle on 20 Jul 2018

Being a B**ch has gotten itself a bad reputation. Honestly, it's less intimidating then it sounds. A Biatch is simply a confident lady, who is comfortable in her own skin is never afraid to say 'No' to unreasonable/crazy requests.

Science and logic says it's good for your health to revel in your biatch status because you know your strengths, you take care of yourself, and you never waste your time giving two hoots about trivial matters.

You are the queen, like Beyonce and you should celebrate it. 


1. You won't tolerate toxic people

You actually save more time so you can be more productive in the day. That is because you won't waste your precious minutes on toxic people who put you down. They simply suck your resources dry and you ain't having any of that.

You don't give the time of day to people who bring no value to your life. You just cut.



2. You don't bottle up your anger

Letting your emotions go (in a decent manner) is a total stress reliever. ( Just look at Elsa from Frozen) Those who bottle up their emotions can damage their health in the long term. You die early and Science says your chances of getting cancer goes up by 70 percent!

You won't be afraid to be candid about your feelings because you are confident as hell and you don't fear other's opinions of you.



3. You will never age and get wrinkles

Having a RBF (Resting Bitch Face) means the odds of you getting wrinkles are lowered by half.  Since your face is generally expressionless, there's no fear of you over stretching that lovely skin of yours and looking like a pug. (We love pugs still)

People can accuse you for having an RBF but you are going to have the last laugh. HAH TAKE THAT.



   4. You will learn to read widely

Your have an amazing vocabulary bank. Since insulting people is part of the Biatch package, your words need to be your most powerful weapon. You have a perfectly groomed collection of vicious words that could make even Hitler cry. Yeap. Burn.




5. You take care of your friends and yourself

You love yourself and you are your best cheerleader. You make yourself a priority and you love your "me time". You won't be afraid to put spending time on yourself above other time wasters. You never feel guilty about pampering yourself and that makes you look and feel forever 21. Talk about the elixir of youth. You never waste time any the frivolous because you need to take care of you.


Never feel guilty about being number one. Embrace it, love yourself. You deserve it.

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