12 New Bubble Tea Stores In Singapore To Try In 2020 & 2021 With Prices From Just $2.20

12 New Bubble Tea Stores In Singapore To Try In 2020 & 2021 With Prices From Just $2.20

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By Rachel on 07 Dec 2020
Senior Digital Editor

Some might say that coffee shop kopi and teh are our unofficial “national drinks” - somewhat debatable. For others, our number one drink staple is none other than bubble tea. First appearing on our shoes in the early 2000’s, this beverage is loved not just by the millennials who grew up with it, but also teens and some middle-aged folk.

And the demand for it is even crazier than 2 decades ago. As a bubble tea connoisseur, you’re probably always on the lookout for new brands and flavours to try, so to help you with the hunt,  here are 12 new bubble tea stores in Singapore to try in 2020 and 2021, with prices from just $2.20.

Read on to find out about the new bubble tea stores in Singapore in 2020 and 2021

#1: Forbidden Tea - with scenic views of Bishan-AMK park

Forbidden tea bubble tea SingaporePhoto from Forbidden Tea

They say forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest, and the same goes for drinks. Ditch your diet and head to the sit-down Forbidden Tea at Marymount Community Centre to indulge in their icy cool beverages like Honey Rice Oolong, Matcha Latte, and Jasmine Tea Lemonade.

For the best views, pick the outdoor seats, which will allow you to rest your eyes on the calming greenery along the edge of Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park.

Forbidden tea bubble tea SingaporePhoto from Forbidden Tea

There are also hot dine-in selections such as Royal Milk Tea, which comes “deconstructed” and presentably served in a jug on a wooden tray, along with a Chinese teacup and golden pearls on the side.

Forbidden tea bubble tea SingaporePhoto from Forbidden Tea

If you’ve worked up an appetite after a jaunt at the nearby park, dig into their selection of food like yakitori sticks, takoyaki, and brunch dishes.

Address: 191 Sin Ming Avenue, #02-02 Marymount CC, Singapore 575738
Opening hours: 12pm - 10pm daily

#2: JLD Dragon - 1.5L bubble tea towers and gold “dragon egg” cups

JLD Dragon bubble tea tower SingaporePhoto from @thehungrybigboy via Instagram

If you’ve already heard of JLD Dragon (Ji Long Tang), we’re guessing it’s probably due to their 1.5L bubble tea tower which comes with a huge bowl of pearls on the side. This mammoth of a drink tower starts from just $10.80 for Emerald Green Tea, and goes up to $16.80 for Brown Sugar Fresh Milk and Golden Citrus Green Tea.

JLD Dragon bubble tea dragon egg SingaporePhoto from @jlddragonsg via Instagram

They’ve since added a novel Dragon Egg cup to their lineup, filled with their signature Emerald Green Fresh Milk Tea. You can get this for free when you spend $10.


Regular options are affordably priced, averaging around $3 to $4.

#3: Ju Cha - from just $2.50, nothing above $5

Ju Cha Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @juchaofficialsg via Instagram

Ju Cha is so unheard of that their exact unit number and opening hours aren’t even listed on Google Maps (at time of writing). All we know is that they’re located at Vision Exchange in Jurong, and that they’re also on GrabFood - probably only those living and working in the area would have come across them while searching for new drink options in the area.

Ju Cha Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @juchaofficialsg via Instagram

Nevertheless, we think they’re worth a shot for their affordable milk teas, starting from just $2.50 for a Classic, $3 for Caramel, and $3.50 for Brown Sugar Boba. In fact, their prices don’t go beyond $5, which is what an upsized Signature Matcha Latte or Korean Yuzu Passionfruit Tea will cost you.

Ju Cha Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @juchaofficialsg via Instagram

We’ve got our eye on their fruity flavours like Peach or Strawberry Fresh Milk ($3) and Grape Yakult Honey Lemon ($3.50).

Address: 2 Venture Drive, Singapore 608526

#4: Micha - Taiwanese tea with wide range of toppings

Micha Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @michasingapore via Instagram

Other than the standard options of Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea ($5.50) and Creamy Taro Milk ($7.80) with pearls and toppings included, Taiwanese brand Micha also has a Soya Series with drinks like Nutty Purple Rice Soya ($5.50) and Matcha Soya ($5.20) for those who can’t take dairy.

Micha Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @michasingapore via Instagram

They take pride in their brews made using tea leaves carefully sourced from the mountains in Taiwan.

Micha Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @michasingapore via Instagram

Toppings are preservative-free and come in a sizeable range including less common options like Taro or Sweet Potato Q-Ball, Basil Seeds, and Lemon Slices for an extra tang. 

Address: 1 Senoko Avenue, FoodAxis, Singapore 758297
Opening hours: 10.30am - 7pm daily

#5: YTEA - pastel pink floral-themed joint

YTEA pink bubble tea cafe SingaporePhoto from @mayunyan07 via Instagram

Not only does YTEA have their own sit-down space - something many bubble tea joints in Singapore do note have - they also have pretty pink floral decor that’ll make it hard for you to leave even after you’ve slurped down your Black Milk Tea ($3.80) or Brown Sugar Pearl Fusion ($4.80).

YTEA pink bubble tea cafe SingaporePhoto from @citygate.sg via Instagram

Though it opened back in 2019, it’s still a well-kept secret. Read our full article on YTEA here.

#6: Cha Nung - jelly bear fruit tea from Taiwan

Cha Nung SingaporePhoto from Cha Nung

Started in 2003, Cha Nung is a Taiwanese brand that has just arrived in Singapore. They seem to have considerable presence in Japan, with outlets in Shinjuku, Nagoya, and Osaka - and perhaps this can be attributed to the kind of flavours they have. One of their popular items is the Azuki Matcha Latte, a thick and milky concoction made with matcha powder from Japan.

Cha Nung SingaporePhoto from @paopaochoy via Instagram

There’s also an uber adorable Passionfruit Green Tea with Twin Bears, which comes with yellow and green fruit jelly bears. No artificial flavouring is used and you’ll find actual bits of fresh fruit in your drink.

Address: 101 Thomson Road, #B1-60 United Square Shopping Mall, Singapore 307591
Opening hours: Monday: 11am - 8.30pm | Tuesday to Thursday: 11am - 9pm | Friday: 11am - 9.30pm | Saturday: 10am - 9.30pm | Sunday: 10.30am - 9.30pm

#7: Cha Inn - open till 2am at Tampines


Cha Inn Singapore bubble teaPhoto from Cha Inn

Here’s another well-kept secret, this time at Tampines. Cha Inn is within Tampines Food Co, home to a cluster of over 20 food and beverage outlets in one space. Despite being in an industrial building, this food court-style foodie hub is beautifully done up like a cafe, with patterned tiles, boho screen partitions, and spherical mod-style lamps.

Cha Inn Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @tampinesfoodco via Instagram

Some of their more unique flavours include Strawberry Oolong Milk Tea ($5.80), the malty-chocolatey Ovaltine Cool Crunch ($6.80), and Purple Taro Dino ($6.80), which comes with taro balls and taro paste. The dough for the taro balls is well-kneaded to achieve a palatable, chew consistency.

Cha Inn Singapore bubble teaPhoto from Cha Inn

Address: 10 Tampines North Drive 4, #01-05 JTC Space, Tampines Food Co, Singapore 528553
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10am - 2am

#8: Hey Milk - 1L Thai milk tea for just $3

Hey Milk 1-litre Thai milk tea SingaporePhoto from @heymilksg via Instagram

Hey Milk is a onomatopoeic translation of the Chinese phrase “黑奶” (hei nai), which means “black milk”. No surprises then that they pride themselves on their sweet, dark brews like the Brown Sugar Milk Tea ($3) and Signature Assam Black Tea ($2.20). But their most impressive? A massive 1-litre cup of Thai milk tea or Thai green tea that’s going for just $3!

Hey Milk SingaporePhoto from @heymilksg via Instagram

Another unique creation of theirs to try is the bottled Panna Cotta Milk Tea which comes in limited quantities per day.

Hey Milk basque burnt cheesecake SingaporePhoto from @heymilksg via Instagram

They also serve affordable bakes like Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($10 for whole 6”), Fudge Brownies ($1.50/slice), and sizeable Muffins ($2.50) with chocolate chips and a hint of cinnamon.

Located at the foot of a HDB block 10 minutes from Ang Mo Kio MRT station, this is currently a hidden neighbourhood gem - so hidden that it doesn’t even have a Google Maps location.

Address: Block 421 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10, #01-1161, Singapore 560421
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 12pm - 5pm

#9: Mong Cha Cha - dairy-free bubble tea with mini taro pearls

Mong Cha Cha Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @mcc_sg via Instagram

Mong Cha Cha translates to “muddle-headed” from Chinese, and that’s how you’ll feel at this bubble tea store with an adorable bear mascot - only because it’ll be hard to choose just one flavour out of their many unique ones. All their teas are vegan and made from Mylk, a plant-based dairy-free milk substitute.

Mong Cha Cha Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @mcc_sg via Instagram

One of their bestsellers is the Earl Grey Black Sugar Boba Mylk Tea, though their Uji Matcha Boba Latte and Mugi Rice Cream Latte are also worth a try. Prices start from $3.90 for a Wintermonglen Aloe Tea and can go up to $6.90 for more premium flavours.

Mong Cha Cha Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @mcc_sg via Instagram

They don’t just have regular konjac pearls - mini taro pearls and mini yellow sweet potato pearls are also part of the topping selections.

Address: 190 Middle Road, #02-03 Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979
Opening hours: 11am - 8pm daily

#10: Chun Fun How - sweet potato milk tea in pretty floral cups

Chun Fun How Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @valfoodieadventures via Instagram

Taiwanese bubble tea brand Chun Fun How (春芳號) has gotta have some of the prettiest cups we’ve ever seen. Mainly with traditional oriental floral patterns - which their outlet walls are painted with as well - the cups also come with cute fortune cat motifs and illustrations of Singapore’s famous landmarks.

Chun Fun How Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @chunfunhow.sg via Instagram

They’re said to be the OGs of sweet potato bubble tea in Taiwan, so make sure you give their Sweet Potato Black Tea Latte with Pearls ($7.60) a try.

Chun Fun How Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @chunfunhow.sg via Instagram

Not all their drinks are as pricey. Their Winter Melon Oolong Tea costs $5 while Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea costs $5.80

Address: 8 Raffles Avenue, #02-13 Esplanad4e Mall, Singapore 039802
Opening hours: 11.30am - 9.30pm daily

#11: Yùng Yùng - family-owned, with Thai messy buns

Yùng Yùng Singapore bubble tea Photo from @betterbebittersweet via Instagram

Sounds Thai, looks Thai, but you won’t be getting cha yen at Yùng Yùng. In fact, their beverage flavours are largely varied with picks like Golden Oolong Jelly Milk Tea ($4.80), Champagne Grape Fruit Tea ($3.80), and Peach Yogurt ($4.20).

All drinks come without toppings, but you can opt to add them on from $0.90 - some examples include Mango Coconut Jelly, Golden Oolong Jelly, and everyone’s favourite, Brown Sugar Pearls.

Yùng Yùng Singapore bubble tea Photo from Yùng Yùng

If the drinks aren’t done Thai-style, why the Thai monicker then? Well, Yùng Yùng’s name is inspired by an eponymous street food item found in Thailand that’s basically a type of grilled messy bread full of oozy filling. The ones here come with fillings like chocolate and lotus biscoff.

Yùng Yùng Singapore bubble tea Photo from Yùng Yùng

Address: Block 509 Bishan Street 11, #01-380, Singapore 570509

#12: Chun Yang Tea - with over 100 outlets worldwide

Chun Yang Tea Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @chunyangtea_sg via Instagram

Chun Yang Tea first opened in Jewel Changi in 2019 and has since expanded to Orchard. At present, they have over 100 outlets around the world including China, USA, and Canada. What sets them apart is the fact that they only used fresh ingredients - their brews are made from actual tea leaves and fresh milk, rather than pre-mixes.

Chun Yang Tea Singapore bubble teaPhoto from @chunyangtea_sg via Instagram

Flavour-wise, their drinks largely have traditional bases like oolong, green tea, black tea, and osmanthus, jazzed up with modern flavours without being too “out there”. Choices include Oolong Tea Latte with Pudding ($5.80), Kumquat Green Tea ($5.50), and Smoked Plum Drink with Lemon ($$4.50).

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