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Hermès Is Releasing Lipsticks In Limited Edition Piano-Inspired Boxes

Hermès Is Releasing Lipsticks In Limited Edition Piano-Inspired Boxes

By Wei Yin on 26 Oct 2020
Digital Editor

Hermès' foray into the beauty world with its collection of luxurious lipsticks back in March had gotten much attention, as it was the first time in 183 years since its establishment for the brand to venture into the beauty industry.


Now, Hermès will be releasing limited edition piano-inspired boxes containing 24 lipsticks each and it's the perfect chance for fans of the brand to get their hands on all the highly-coveted colours at once.

Read on to find out more! 

Hermès Piano 24-Colors Photo from Hermès

The 24-Color Piano features 24 lipsticks all in different shades and they come packaged in the iconic Hermès orange gift box.

Expect to be spoiled for choice as the lipsticks come in various shades such as nudes, oranges, pinks and reds.

Drawing inspiration from the musical instrument, the box is almost as long as a piano and the lipsticks' packaging are in black and white (just like piano keys). The gold detail on the packaging adds a luxe touch though, making them look instantly more expensive.

Hermès Piano 24-Colors lipsticksPhoto from Hermès

But the million-dollar question is: How much will a box set you back for? According to Hypebae, the 24-Color Piano will retail for 13,800 HKD, which is about 2419 SGD. The number of lipsticks you get will probably last you a lifetime, so you decide if this is a good investment or not!

Price aside, the 24-Color Piano is going to be exclusive, with only 440 boxes available for purchase worldwide. Dropping on 15 November 2020 only in selected Hermès locations globally, we can only hope that it will be available in Singapore too. Make sure you mark your calendar if you are considering to get a box for yourself or a loved one.

While you are here, did you know that a Hermès mahjong set costs a whopping $57,200 in Singapore?

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